Shipfitting is the third of our new tradeskills, allowing the creation and manipulation of ship equipment and ship-related items! Carve skeleton keys from bones, or even paint your sails and trim your ship’s hull – Shipfitting covers all this and more!

Shipfitting is NOT a design based tradeskill but instead focuses on the creation, manipulation, and alteration of ship equipment, ship weapons, and even, to a lesser extent, the actual ship itself.

This does mean that a number of changes are being made to how ship equipment is produced. 
1. All equipment that was previously requisitioned is now made exclusively by shipfitters. 
2. Shipfitters will also be able to move and remove ship equipment as desired. 
3. Shipfitters can dismantle ships at transcendent, returning of portion of ship commodities.
4. Most ship equipment is now constructed using ship commodities. Ship commodities are created when shipfitters dismantle equipment or ships and can also be created from regular commodities with the following ratios:
– Shipcloth – 50x cloth
– Shipiron – 50x iron, 10x steel
– Shipwood – 50x wood, 10x iron
– Shiplines – 50x rope, 10x iron
– Pitch – 50x wood, 10x animal fat 
5. Shipfitters can dye sails, paint or stain a hull, and decorate the hull with trimming. 
6. Shipfitters can restore a decorated ship to its regular form. 
7. Shipfitters can protect a ship with dragon scale girding to guard against seamonsters. 
8. Shipfitters can carve skeleton keys to unlock bone chests that may be found in the deeps. 
9. We’ve fixed a bug with deepsea diving that has prevented the difficulties from being assigned properly. Going forward, they will be much more varied and lucrative. 

NOTE: Most Shipfitting abilities require a shipfitter’s toolbox to enact, these can be purchased from Maelstrom. 

Shipfitting can be gained from Amarisse in the Crafters’ Union, and lessons in it can be learned from Maelstrom, Hawkins, or Scurvy Jim.

HELP SHIPFITTING summarises all of this!