Being drunk is no longer just a hobby, now it’s a formal profession! Take up the skill of Beverages and produce a vast variety of venerable victuals! Whether you’re a modest mixer of milkshakes or an aspiring wine merchant, this is the skill for you!

Beverages is a design based skill centred around the production of unique and interesting drinks AND vessels to contain them.

Within, similar to seafaring, specialisations exist allowing the budding brewer to decide between a range of different products they’d like to focus on! 

Much like Artistry, it’s our hope that the Beverages skill will fill an as-yet unfulfilled niche in the crafter’s portfolio – offering a venue for self expression and creativity through the medium of drinks! 

The skill can be gained from Amarisse in the usual fashion, and the various apparatus and equipment required will all be available for sale once the skill is formally released to the public. 

While similar to other design based crafts, Beverages does have some core differences of note, namely the vessel creation process (this is designed as normal and various denizens around the world actually do the creation), and the various aspects and properties of the drink itself. HELP BEVERAGES , HELP BEVERAGE DESIGN, and HELP VESSEL DESIGN are now LIVE for your perusal.

These contain everything there is to know about the new skill, how it works, how to design and create and age and everything else!