Achaeans can now become artists! Turn your imagination into a wonderfully realised reality with the skill of Artistry – paint vast canvases, lifelike portraits, or even decorate a house with a multi-person mural!

Artistry is a design based skill centred around the production of artwork (as one might expect!). It’s our hope that this will provide a great avenue for enhanced self expression and creativity! 

The skill can be obtained through Amarisse once live, and it works very similarly to other design based crafts for the most part.

Where artistry differs is in the actual creation of the end product – requiring sessions of painting for particularly large works such as murals! 

HELP ARTISTRY and HELP ARTISTRY DESIGN are now LIVE and ready to be devoured! These files contain virtually everything there is to know about the new skill, how it works, how to design, and so on and so forth.