Safe As Houses!

In order to foster the cultural growth spurred on by the Worlds’ Fair, we’ve made some changes and added some new upgrades to player housing!

First up is an adjustment to housing upgrade costs!
– For in-subdivision properties – upgrade costs remain the same.
– For out-of-subdivision properties (but not ships) – upgrade costs are no longer doubled.
– For ship housing – applicable upgrade costs remain doubled.

We have refunded half the cost of all the old double cost upgrades in out of subdivision homes to match these new prices!

Next! We’ve added a new housing security upgrade called SECURITY.
– This costs 5 room credits per room and applies key sigil, monolith sigil, and eye sigil protections to the room.

And there’s another new security upgrade called ORB!
– This costs 5 room credits per room and blocks track and flight in and out of the protected room.

Finally, while we have made housing more secure, we’re also adding a way to pull someone out of the property. (Like all aggressive actions, you still need RP reasoning to initiate this attack upon your target.)

– The Talon tattoo costs 20 black ink, and has 1 charge.
– There is no cooldown to use this tattoo.
– TOUCH TALON <person> and if they do not leave the property during the 20 second channel, they will be moved to your location!

With Mayan Crowns in the August promotion we also have a big Shop of Wonders update! The House of Wonders can be found in Delos and it holds all the old housing related Shop of Wonders items, plus fourteen new items with houses for minipets, the makings of a pond, sweeping security expansions, and much more!