A Strange Case And Jaguars!

After a ludicrous event during which a bridge was stolen, the perpetrator Trole was found hiding beneath another bridge, and for his crime was turned into a mime by the Jaguars Crime Syndicate, notice was given to thieves at large and fences became available to facilitate the recovery and sale of stolen items.

Per the decree of the Jaguars Crime Syndicate after the notorious thief
Trole stole the western Bridge to Delos in 806 AF, all thieves and acts of profiteering are under their purview.


Whatever was stolen from you has been transferred to the fences of the 
Jaguars Crime Syndicate. The thief no longer has your property.

The item stolen from you will be sold off by a fence!

Anyone can visit a fence and use the FENCE commands to place a single, maximum bid on any item being fenced. 

This is a silent auction, no incrementing. Top bid "wins". This auction period lasts for fifty days.

A fence can be found in Delos, there are more scattered around the land.

See HELP FENCE for all the details and commands about how this system works!