Customisation Credits!

In a big quality of life update, ice figurines and silver tokens have all gone the way of the Gedtet and have been replaced with transferrable Customisation Credits!

We’ve just converted all ice figurines and silver tokens to CUSTOMISATION CREDITS! (In values of 50 and 150 respectively.)

Customisation credits are a new credit type that can be used in conjunction with the CUSTOMISATION system! They can also be transferred between players.

Transferring customisation credits to alts will still be considered a violation of seconds policies.

This will mean that customisation credits can be used for customisations of more than 50cr in value in one request, and, if you want to sell your customisation credits to others, you can transfer these to them! No more lending items to people with figurines for them to submit customisations on your behalf!

You can also complete customisation requests with bound credits as normal, this does not change that.

To see how many customisation credits you have, you can check your SCORE [RESOURCES], or use our new customisation credits commands!


These will also be listed when the CUSTOMISATION command is used!

(HELP CREDITS, CUSTOMISATIONREQUESTS, and PROMOITEMS have all been updated to reflect these changes.)