Crafting Updates #2!

The three skills we’re opting to move ahead with will be Drinks Making, Artistry, and Shipwright.¬†All these names are pending review and we need your help with fleshing out the designs!

Please post all suggestions in our forum thread!

The Drinks maker
This will be a design-based tradeskill allowing you to design your own drinks.

This will not be drinks that convey combat or other alteration effects, purely flavour, much like cooking. This will include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

What we need from you!
   * Suggestions for names for this tradeskill that fit the whole gamut of drink possibilities.
   * Suggestions for vessels from which you can drink, and liquid types to be drunk!

The Artist
This will be another design-based tradeskill for creating painted/drawn artworks. (I know we said we only wanted one, but we couldn’t resist.) Sculpture won’t be a part of this at this time.

What we need from you here!
   * Suggestions for the name of the tradeskill.
   * Medium and “canvas” type suggestions.

The Shipwright
This tradesperson we hope will be able to handle the creation and alteration of ship equipment (upgrades and moving), possibly the upgrading of ships themselves (no guarantee here), handle some customisation of a ship proper, and handle the dismantling of ships.

What we need from you here!
   * Suggestions for the name of this tradeskill.
   * Suggestions for flavour/function additions for ship equipment.
   * Suggestions for aspects of a ship proper that might be customised by a shipwright without requiring heavy design oversight.

The person who suggests the best tradeskill name for any of the above will win 100 bound credits! That’s a possible 300 bound credits that you can win!

We’ll be closing suggestions on August 2nd so we can work on implementation!

Please post all suggestions in our forum thread!