Treasure chest and skull

We’ve just put a stack of gold and credit auctions live! These will close at the start of July the 22nd so get your bids in and don’t miss out!

For Credits:

1 – A Portable Sojourn Table

2 – Cloak of many feathers – Owner can track without class or race restrictions!

3 – Phylactery of sixth sense – Grants its owner MINDNET

4 – Any Legend Deck card, your choice!

5 – Any completed promotional talisman, your choice!

6 – Level 3 artefact armour with innate morphing

7 – Resilient translucent mask – A resetting version of the translucent mask! 

For Gold!

8 – Any level 1 talisman piece, your choice!

9 – Five Legend Deck sleeves

10- Five bloodstained shards of enamel

11- Five pages for the Tome of Muses!

12- Any minipet from our various COLLECTIONS

13- A resetting “heart-shaped candy box” as sold by the Sidhe at the Worlds’ Fair!

14- An out of subdivision house plot at “A clearing overlooking the Urubamba”

15- A Delosian shop! Rousseau’s Dozing Dragon (south of Western Epitus Avenue) has become available. All names can be changed! 

See HELP AUCTIONS for all commands, and check out the information on each auction for more details! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ISSUE ME <your question> and we’ll do our best to answer!