Matters of Debate!

Nissa has announced a debate contest for Achaean’s to participate in over the coming week!

Beginning on the 4th of Sarapin, 805, I will be hosting a battle of wits in a very special Worlds’ Fair debate competition!

Teams of three will face off in glorious combat–not with blade and bow, but with clever prose and keen rhetoric.

Interested individuals should expect the following topics to be discussed:

  • Assisting the Tsol’teth in gaining sample materials.
  • Use of torture as an acceptable interrogation technique.
  • Cities subsidising the general costs of maintenance and repairs for shop owners.
  • Polygamy, as exercised by the Fae.
  • Civilisation, existing as an abuse of the natural world.
  • The punishment of Khalas in the wake of the War of Humanity.

The pairing will be decided through a random drawing, squaring off on the 4th of Sarapin, the 3rd of Daedalan, the 2nd of Aeguary, and the 18th of Scarlatan.

Stances of Proposition and Opposition will be issued prior to the start of the debate. From there, we will follow a strict speaking format:

  • 5 minutes, First Proposition Speaker
  • 5 minutes, First Opposition Speaker
  • 5 minutes, Second Proposition Speaker
  • 5 minutes, Second Opposition Speaker
  • 3 minutes, Opposition Rebuttal
  • 3 minutes, Proposition Rebuttal

During the debate, I will be taking notes to determine who will be our victor for the match, as well as moderating. Winners will proceed each month until our final debate topic concludes!

Teams must be comprised of three able-minded individuals in order to participate, including a primary, secondary, and rebuttal speaker. Please note that at least two members of a team must be present during their scheduled debate times to prevent disqualification. Debate days will be published on the upcoming calendar of events in short order.

Send me a letter of your team’s intent on participating, along with a team name and a list of your speakers, no later than Sarapin 1st, 805, to be included in the competition.

Good luck and Gods speed!