Champions Updates!

Treasure chest and skull

The Twins tournament has ended, the Foozle is over, so now we have some scores and some real contenders lining up to claim the staff of Nicator from the Tsol’teth!

In what we all agree was the most competitive and exciting Twins tournament any of us has ever had the privilege to watch, run, or fight in, the best and bravest of Achaea battled to the following results:

  • 1st: Penwize and Austere earning 200 credits, and Austere takes 12 Championship points.
  • 2nd: Rangor and Santar earning 175 credits, and Santar takes 10 Championship points.
  • 3rd: Dunn and Irimon earning 8 Championship points and 150 credits each.
  • 4th: Minifie and Crixos earning 6 Championship points and 125 credits each.
  • 5th: Farrah and Atalkez earning 5 Championship points and 100 credits each.

After an hour of frenzied flailing around the World Tree and frantic fleeing from the dreaded Dreadpilar, the Foozle awards the following points and prizes:

  • 1st place is Penwize, he wins 200 credits! As Penwize has won the staff before, he cannot win points this round.
  • 2nd place is Farrah, she wins 175 credits and 12 Championship points!
  • 3rd place is Taryius, he wins 150 credits and 10 Championship points!
  • 4th place is Crixos, he wins 125 credits and 8 Championship points!
  • 5th place is Dunn, he wins 100 credits and 6 Championship points!
  • 6th place is Ayja, she wins 75 credits and 5 Championship points!
  • 7th place is Veldrin, he wins 50 credits and 4 Championship points!
  • 8th place is Skye, she wins 25 credits and 3 Championship points!
  • 9th place is Krizal, she wins 10 credits and 2 Championship points!
  • 10th place is Irimon, he wins 10 credits and 1 Championship points!
  • 11th place is Cooper, he wins 0.5 Championship points!

But what do these points mean, and what is still to come?

Well, we still have the final window of the XP Event ahead of us, where any who have not completed their 6 hour hunting attempt will run rampant over the world leaving slaughter in their wake. We still have the Championship Quiz to terrify even the most well-read of loremasters. And the final phase of Sojourn is now live, all this week contenders will be able to play 3 games of Championship Sojourn, their top score (if any) will determine their ranking in Sojourn and their Championship points!

I know, I know, you want to know how the scores look overall. Here you go!

  • 1st. Farrah with 17 Championship points!
  • 2nd. Dunn with 14 Championship points!
  • 2nd. Crixos with 14 Championship points!
  • 4th. Austere with 12 Championship points!
  • 5th. Santar with 10 Championship points!
  • 5th. Taryius with 10 Championship points!
  • 7th. Irimon with 9 Championship points!
  • 8th. Minifie with 6 Championship points!
  • 9th. Atalkez with 5 Championship points!
  • 9th. Ayja with 5 Championship points!
  • 11th. Veldrin with 4 Championship points!
  • 12th. Skye with 3 Championship points!
  • 13th. Krizal with 2 Championship points!
  • 14th. Cooper with 0.5 Championship points!

Keep and eye on UPCOMING in game for the live countdowns to the next events!