An Invitation

Fresh from tenuous victory in their invasion of Sapience, the Tsol’teth have dictated their intent to host the Championship Games, testing Achaea’s finest in a chance to win the Staff of Nicator – provided the contenders are willing to acquiesce to Tsol’teth demands for entry.

Tezlari-tarin fought bravely. Tezlari-tarin fought foolishly. Tezlari-tarin lost.

War, conquest, and prolonged battle are effective, albeit inefficient means of progress. Teth was wrought, and teth was won.

Despite losses and drawn out conflict, sufficient samples were procured and the stability of our lines is secured for the next generation, we will continue to flourish.

The aid of shi-Hashan, shi-Targossas, and shi-Moghedu is recognised by Anzari-tarin. Apposite rewards shall be forthcoming.

Unforeseen, we now hold the symbol of Nicator’s lineage.

This ancient relic will be the key that secures our continued growth for the generations to come. By the will of the Genesis, twice each century, we of Anzari-tarin shall test the best Tezlari-tarin has to offer. Participation requires assent in advancing the future of the Tsol’teth race: a minor sampling, undertaken by all who dare to try and claim possession of Nicator’s staff.

We recognise the ancient traditions of Tezlari-tarin. Appropriate respect will be given to these traditions. In exchange, appropriate respect will be given by the overland to the traditional tests of the Tsol’teth. Combined, these trials will select a deserving wielder of the staff.

The first of these trials will begin within Balan’ukia; the House of Blood in your primitive tongue. Commencing on the 1st of Sarapin 802, this will be a year long test requiring ongoing participation. Strategy and decision making are essential components for success: we recommend developing capabilities in these areas.

Prepare yourselves.

Ama-maalier, Fulcrum of the Meld