QoL Updates!


No matter what’s going on in Achaea we’re always hard at work updating and upgrading the gameplay experience. This week sees changes to Lotteries, a whole slew of new deathsights, and much more…

Achaea’s ancient lottery system has seen a big revamp, this includes a timer on all lotteries so that they cannot simply be open forever, and a much more streamlined command list for lottery runners! See Announce news #5039 for all the details!

For the next week we’re also accepting applications for the ACC. The Achaean Combat Council works closely with the Garden team to assist with combat balance and updates to Achaea. Read here if you’d like to know more.

We’ve added loads of new deathsights to the various abilities you can use in Achaea!

7 for General skills, 1 for Racial skills, 1 for Seafaring, 1 for Misadventure, 1 for Relics, and 2 for Talismans

6 for Apostates, 2 for Bard, 10 for Blademaster, 5 for Depthswalkers, 10 for Druids, 8 for Infernals, 2 for Jester, 2 for Magi, 2 for Monk, 6 for Occultists, 3 for Paladin, 1 for Priest, 2 for Psion, 5 for Runewardens, 8 for Sentinels, 5 for Serpents, 3 for Shaman, and 8 for Sylvan.

4 for Dragon, 2 for Firelord, 2 for Waterlord, 1 for Earthlord, and 1 for Airlord.

Finally, because that’s not enough for one whole week, we’ve removed most of the impassable chops in the ship arena. This should open up more flexibility in actually practising combat skills without navigation getting in the way too much.

HOWEVER, we’ve left in some nightmare spots since being able to sail in difficult chop is an important skill.