A Deadline Looms

The Tsol’teth Ama-maalier addressed the overland on the public newsboard with updated demands and a deadline which approaches soon…

Our Tide crests higher and grows stronger with the passing of each cycle. We hold shi-Cyrene and nahu-s-hailqas-Cyrene is cast aside. We are joined by shi-Hashan, shi-Moghedu, and shi-Targossas.

Your conflict with us spurs growth, and our lines will grow. Growth of our lines expands our Meld. Your attempt at resistance has failed.

We dictate the acquisition of these remaining specimens:

– Penwize Baker
– The guardian abomination of shi-Ashtan
– Mhaldorus, a colossal daemon

Finally, we reiterate our dictation of the immediate relinquishing of all knowledge purloined by the disgraced Falaq-maal.

We dictate to Tezlari-tarin a deadline: the sixth cycle of your month called Scarlatan, 800 years after Seleucar’s fall.

Total compliance will result in the temporary delay of your inevitable processing. Continued defiance will result in necessary acquisitions.