Tsol’teth Law

Licking flames

Demonstrating their might, as promised, to the gathered populace of Sapience, the Tsol’teth have occupied Cyrene, destroyed the Icerune crater, and spread their dark tidings throughout the streets.

After taking her place as Overlord of Cyrene, the First of Six, Ama-maalier informed the city of the new laws now in effect

  1. We are all One in the Meld.
  2. The Overlord will not be displaced without permission of the Genesis.
  3. Unsanctioned procreation is forbidden, at penalty of immediate processing.
  4. All will submit to mandatory assessment and training for the purposes of advancing the Meld.
  5. Those without worth will immediately submit to reprocessing, for the betterment of the Tsol’teth.
  6. No creation with the gift of thought will be formed outside the Meld.
  7. The Forbidden Art will remain so, save for the burdened few.
  8. The line of Gattan’lier will settle all cases where the law is deemed ambiguous.

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