Mine Tunnel

In case you missed it on Public news, the Tsol’teth have a very particular set of demands. Ama-maalier posted these a few days ago, and has reiterated them with a particularly dire threat today.

Your barrier is broken and our tide flows forth.

A taste of our might was afforded you on Nishnatoba, where some scant few overlanders cast aside the defining inadequacy of your kind and showed skill.

We dictate the acquisition of these specimens:

Tesha al Ashtad
Mhaldorus, a colossal daemon
Blu, the Guardian Dragon
The guardian abomination of shi-Ashtan
Atalkez Al’Jafri
Mezghar Al’Jafri
Taryius Lichlord
Astarod Blackstone
Ygia al-Mu’allima
Penwize Baker

We further dictate delivery of all persons proven worthy to hold the Staff of Nicator, barring the diminished Falaq-maal.

Finally, we require the immediate relinquishing of all knowledge purloined by the disgraced Falaq-maal.

Total compliance will result in the temporary delay of your inevitable processing. Defiance will result in swift destruction.

Representatives and opinion holders alike responded with blanket refusal to these demands, causing the Fulcrum of the Meld to return to the Public news boards once again with this promise:

Your refusal is determined, and its futility is recorded.

As you are proving recalcitrant in accepting your destined submission to us, a demonstration will be provided.

A glimpse of what awaits in your inevitable processing shall begin in fifty-four cycles of Tezlari-yumap across Tezlari-tarin.