A Lethal Configuration

Ravenous Monster

Ever stepped away from Achaea for a few months, only to come back and die to the newest class addition or instakill? If you can answer yes to this, read on!

We’ve just added CONFIG COLOUR LETHALS to our configuration options which highlights all channelled attacks that will end in death! If you are a new player or someone who struggles to keep up with the evolution of Achaea’s combat, this can be a massive help to see what’s going on in raids without third party highlighting or triggers!

Because this could be a detriment to those fighters who like to befuddle and confuse with illusions, we’ve added the LETHAL(S) tag that will colour any illusion to match the target’s configured lethals colour!

Simply prepend your illusion with LETHAL or LETHALS (case sensitive) to use it!

Bear in mind this will not work on area-wide or further reaching illusions enabled by the Shar’illian Lightspire.