The Time Of Reckoning Has Come

An atavian Priest, armed with Devotion and her spiritual mace, is accompanied by her Guardian Angel

Demigod Coelano rescued a wounded phoenix from Rhea, Daughter of the Void, and carried it to Targossas. Though the Dawnspear was unable to restore the phoenix to her natural cycle, by anointing themselves with the ashes her spirit and song lived on in the Zeal skill, now available to the Priest class!

After many mutterings that one day we’d like to do this… A major priest rework is now live!
The class now plays very differently to previously. Here are the broad strokes: 

* HELLSIGHT has become paladin only.
* INQUISITION has undergone fairly major changes – see the abfile for details.
* VISIONS now gives dementia by default and shyness if dementia is already present. 

* The skill has been deleted. 

* SPIRITUAL MACES have had their stats adjusted. Level three remains unchanged, but unartefacted through to level two are now faster than previously.
* The JUDGE lines have changed.
* CHASTEN no longer consumes equilibrium when following a SMITE or SMASH.* SMASH has had its balance cost changed.
* SPIRITWRACK has been removed for the time being.
* Targeted SEAR now gives sensitivity if the target is already ablaze. It also does some fire damage in this situation.
* The final affliction on CHASTEN BODY has been changed from justice to manaleech.
* Smite damage (limb and health) have undergone major formula changes.
* ANGEL CARE is now a consistent ten second tick. 

* The skill has been added.
* Spiritshields now function when the priest isn’t in room as they did in the past, though only against denizen-sourced attacks. Player attacks still require the priest to be in the target’s location to convey the bonus.