From Death Springs Life!

Ravenous Monster

We’re using the Death set to conduct a grand talisman experiment!

We’ve long been unhappy by the spread of talisman items in the game, the frustrations the cache system causes, and the problems created by scarcity and rarity. We’re going to try something a bit different!

We do take the alteration of any system that involves your money very seriously, we always strive to ensure satisfaction by as much of the playerbase as possible, and we always aim to promote game health wherever we can. 

In a new shop in Delos, the Death talisman set is on sale for bound credits. 

Each is a complete item and will be bound to you on purchase. 

If you purchase one and later regret it, these can be traded in like normal for the usual 2/3rds adjustment of the purchase amount. 

But this is not the only change! We know that many people already have one or more pieces from the Death set, and we don’t want to render these worthless. 

If you have two or three pieces of a talisman in the Death set, you can:
to complete it for the remainder of the bound credit value of the item as it is in the Delosian Talisman shop.


Talismans completed in this manner will have an altered tradein that reflects their credit worth, including the credit-purchased completion. 

E.G You have: cruciblebase and cruciblebowl.
You use TALISMAN COMPLETE PARTIAL CRUCIBLE and pay 500 bound credits.
This is half the cost of the crucible in the shop because you already have half of the pieces.
You get: a completed soulfire crucible talisman.
This item has a tradein value of: 346 bound credits. This is 2/3rds of 520 credits (the 500 credits paid above, plus your 2 pieces valued at 10 credits each.)

You are also still free to trade these talisman pieces around, so if you only have one piece of a Death talisman, you can ask around to try and get two in order to be able to complete your partial collection. 

HELP DEATH TALISMANS now exists with all this information, and the specifics of the set. 

All of the above ONLY applies to the DEATH talisman set at this time. 

Provided that this experiment works out the way that we hope, we’ll be looking to make the Delosian Talisman Shop’s stock rotate to offer a different talisman set each (RL) month! 

If you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to ask via ISSUE ME or email us directly at!