Classleads and Crafting!

A ragged chessboard

With the first quarter classleads decisions made, classlead implementation has begun! Read on for the first batch of updates and changes! For the Furnishers, Tailors, Chefs, and Jewellers of Achaea we’ve also added an urgent queue to design submissions.

* MORPHING ARMOUR has had its cooldowns significantly reduced. One hour for level one, twenty minutes for level two, ten minutes for level three. 

* BUFFET now relapses against the same target that it previously hit for additional damage after 2 seconds.
* EFFERVESCENCE now gives a room wide message when it ends. This shows at all elevations. 

* COWARDICE will no longer cancel tumble on hindered opponents. Note that the old functionality can still be achieved with comboed screech: I feel the opportunity cost of this is high enough that it is fine to retain.

* HOMUNCULI now explode upon both the activation of MAYOLOGY and the periodic ticks of damage that occur.

* MANIPULATE is now blocked by the CONFUSION affliction.

* WAVESCYTHE has had its range significantly increased.
* The SHIELD seaspell now scales up in cost by 200 for each use in the last minute. Note that each use resets the minute timer and this caps at an additional 800 cost (on top of the base value).

* AELKISH has had its reduction of willpower cost on the bleed curse increased when attuned. 

* Reduced how much power an angel must be on to be summoned from 15 to 5% of its maximum. 

* VOIDFIST no longer clears upon being impaled.
* VOIDFIST has had its duration brought in line with other elemental fist attacks.
* VOIDFIST now causes strikes to deal some mana damage on successfully landing: this replaces the old functionality.
* Shin generation is halved when striking a VOIDFISTED opponent. 

* You may now summon your snake while off balance, though this incurs a longer equilibrium cost.
* The COLOURS ability is now learned much earlier in the skill. 

* The equilibrium cost of DEATHSIGHT has been removed. It still requires you be on equilibrium to activate, however. 

* (Dual Blunt): ASSAULT TORSO now has a faster balance than ASSAULT HEAD.
* (Sword and Board): the damage against denizens has been increased. 

* You can now THROW items with SELFISHNESS active.

* UNWEAVE now does damage.

Crafting Submissions – Urgent!

Marking a submission as urgent can be done by appending it to the original syntax:
This causes the submission to cost 10,000 gold instead of the typical 1000, and immediately places the new submission into the urgent queue where it will take high priority for approvals.