Quick Fix Notes!

A ragged chessboard

A few quick updates for some new additions and fixes!

– TRADEWHO HERALDRY is now a thing.

– IDEAS now works as a synonym for IDEA LIST.

– MOUNTS has been updated so that the feedbag status on uncollared mounts is shown.

– EVENTSTATUS and ES default to the arena you’re in if you are in one.- UNALLY PARTY now works to unally all members of your current party.

– MSG LISTR will list your messages in descending order.

– SEAREDGLYPH talisman will now properly lash out every fifth hit instead of every sixth. 

On the customisations front: if you have an item that is resetting and you wish to change the resetting location*, this can be done for 10 bound credits. Email customisations@achaea.com with all of the details. 

* Any new resetting location will still have to respect ownership and may not be applicable for all resetting items. This cannot be used to transfer ownership of artefacts and similar items.