Sightless Spring


Two Archangels sought transcendence, one dying in the process while the other was blasted to the boughs of Yggdrasil. After much skirmishing between Ashtan and Targossas over custody, Iojian slavers captured the angel and took it away to be auctioned.


Few other words could so succinctly describe the place, steeped as it was and is in light and power. Saar-elan. Transcendence. 

Silence presided as the procession began, a gathering of those unfettered by the parasitic leeching of flesh. Magisters and Verapim entered beside Exarchs, waiting to bear witness to what most believed a desperate attempt. 

The Prime Exarch stepped forward, uttering a single word in cold, clear tones: “Begin.” 

Agadi and clasped hands, a solemn serenity matched upon their sightless visages as they stepped toward Saar-elan and offered tithe to coax forth its secrets.

In but an instant the Archangel Agadi was unmade, rejected by the transcendental Creation. Caught in the backlash yet protected by their bond, the Archangel found himself cast aside to fall through worlds and planes. His descent was as a falling star, radiant and brilliant before alighting upon the branches of the World Tree, deprived of consciousness yet otherwise visibly unharmed. 

A mere day passed before was found, happened upon by Penwize Baker of Ashtan. Those in service to the Chaos Court eyed the fallen angel with delight, relishing the chance to bring Glaaki such a prize. But the Ashtani soon found they had competition. 

Skulking quietly along the branches of Veior, a rajamalan of Iojian heritage arrived soon after, declaring the angel a captive of Ioje and announcing his intent to take it home. While the slaver sought the approval of the Ashtani and made arrangements for transport, opposition arrived in the form of Targossas, and discussion soon turned to violence. 

Determined to protect the Archangel even at the expense of their lives, those of the Dawnspear turned upon the rajamalan slaver, immediately drawing the ire of the Ashtani. Battle began in earnest. 

As chaos erupted within the boughs of Yggdrasil, the slaver called for reinforcements with his dying breath. Scores of Iojian personnel marched into the Tree’s branches, and – under the very noses of those fighting to save him – dragged away with their catchpoles. Though the citizens of Targossas harried the Iojians relentlessly, their efforts were not enough, and was brought before Yili, Procurer of the Ioje Compound, and instantly bound in shackles.