Idea Implementation!


A stack of your ideas have been implemented! Read on to learn what’s what!

* Added Weaponmastery specialisation change to COOLDOWNS for those with the appropriate artefacts.

* Certimene will be clearer about the correct syntax for adding additional classes.


* Wax tablets of petrified wood will now correctly notify their partners when a message is sent.

* QSC now includes a line for the player’s current class.

* Updated the Tzantza AB file to include the number of afflictions necessary for an instant kill.

* Journals and manuscripts will now show their bookmark when probed.

* SAMPLES is now sorted alphabetically.

* CUSTOMISATION # COMPLETE should now fail on all incorrect syntax.

* BUY ROOM can now pull wood and stone from the rift.

* SEASON will show what season of the year it is (only upon the Prime Material Plane).

* PROTEGES is now sorted alphabetically.

* TRAIT LIST MAJOR to see a list of only major traits and MINOR to only see minor.

* TRAIT LIST MAJOR/MINOR/ALL will now show the appropriate dragon and elemental lord traits when used while in those forms.

* Scribing a new lease will now show the lease number.* Added ROGUES (adventurers without a city) as a category for door and other permissions.

* Added room name to org logs created by guard deaths.