Homeowners Rejoice!

Ruined Town

Furnishing is moving to a player design based tradeskill, like jewellery, tailoring, and cooking, and we’ve added a whole slew of new furniture types!

Those of you who have already invested into learning Furnishing retain this, and do not need to purchase the 200cr Furnishing license. If you’re not interested in this system now, please make this request via ISSUE ME and we will organise a refund of invested lessons.

If you have purchased a Furnisher’s awl and no longer have interest in Furnishing, please file an ISSUE ME and we will organise a refund of this artefact. We won’t refund this artefact if you are keeping furnishing, in this instance you can trade it in as normal.


If you have the permissions to place a piece of furniture, you can disassemble it.
Transcendent Furnishers will gain commodities back from disassembly.
The platinum prybar artefact increases the transcendent Furnisher’s return on commodities during disassembly.

Blankets have been removed from furnishing as these can be created via Tailoring.

Fireplaces are no longer offered as housing upgrades. All existing fireplaces remain in place. Future fireplace additions can be crafted by furnishers.

Most* Furnishing items will not have a gold cost when created, this is instead paid by the Furnisher at the design pickup phase.
* Bookcases, bookshelves, stoves, and ranges have a gold cost when Furnished, this is due to their non-decaying nature and special functions.

Stoves and ranges created by a furnisher can be used for cooking and refining!

$dyncolour! This stands for Dynamic Colour, and allows the designer to create a placeholder that can be used within the EXAMINED description to alter the colour or pattern of part of the design during creation. (This is great for couches!)
– The dynamic aspect can be up to 60 characters long and is specified by the Furnisher during item creation.
– Use of $dyncolour in a sketch is optional, if an approved design has $dyncolour in the examined, it must also be used during the furniture’s creation.

HELP FURNISHING has been updated to reflect the following changes:

Abilities Gained:
The ability to Furnish from existing designs and the ability to hold 20 of each sample.
The ability to create new designs and the ability to hold 100 of each sample.
The ability to furnish bookcases and bookshelves, and the ability to hold 250 of each sample.

The Process:

  • Visit Fronck to buy plain sketches and blueprints.
  • Apply the appropriate blueprint to your plain sketch to denote the type of item you are designing.
  • Design your sketch.
  • Submit your sketch for approval.
  • When you receive a letter stating that your design has been approved, follow the instructions therein to claim it.
  • FURNISH <designID> [dynamic colour] [passcode] to make the item!

Give this item to your customer, drop in a shop to sell it, or PLACE the item for use.

See HELP FURNISHING for all syntaxes and guidelines!