The Wild Hunt Rides

Licking flames

Who rides, so late, through night and wind?
The Erl-king rides anew.

Who rides, so late, bringing terrible fear?
The Erl-king rides anew.

Who flees, so late, clasping poor mundane child?
For the Erl-king rides anew.

Who would ride, so late, with terror half wild?
For the Erl-king rides anew.

Thus it was on midsummer’s eve, Valnuary of the year 784 AF. From beyond the veil between the Prime Material Plane and Annwyn did the Wild Hunt come, drawn by acts of betrayal against Sidhe law and the allure of a hunt renewed once more upon fresh prey. And, as it had been since the Sidhe were Sidhe, at its head came Oberion, no longer King of the Fairies, but now Lord of the Hunt: the Erlking of Annwyn.

Leading the knights of Sidhe and accompanied by his faithful hounds, dozens fell to Oberion’s blade, the borders and walls of city or forest alike proving naught in the face of such relentless resolve. And so, as the song of the Hunt compelled the hunters onward, their rampage saw them disappear beyond the veil, racing across planes uncounted as the Erlking sought his fulfillment yet promising a return before midsummer’s end.

But when the Wild Hunt at last approached by ancient law, the Lord of the Hunt found only disappointment in his adherence to the Bargain. Save for one brave and swiftly dispatched adventurer, the Right of Challenge was unfulfilled. With the one Oberion named betrayer choosing cowering over confrontation, the disgust of the Faerie Lord was evident as he led his Hunt home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: With the borders between planes stretched thin, the Wild Hunt ranged forth from Annwyn, causing death and destruction across the realms as they put the adventurer population of Sapience to sword, tooth, fang, and hoof with orgiastic equanimity.