Survival Instinct!


No longer do you have to spend lessons to learn the various abilities in Survival, you now earn these as you level up! We’ve also made a change to how your health and mana scale, making the midbie life much less painful.


Making it easier to get into Achaea is something we’re constantly concerned with. By its nature there is a very steep learning curve, and after some discussion we’ve decided that there are a couple of ways in which we can mitigate this.

First of all, we have reworked the max health and mana formula. Those of you at level 100 or higher will notice no change (you still gain health above level 100 the same as previously). However, you no longer gain hp for levels 81-99: you will now have essentially all of your health and mana by level 80(*). You still gain critical hit bonuses and endurance/willpower as you level through the 81-99 range. Essentially, level 80 players will now have health equivalent of level 99 players previously.

Second, you will no longer have to spend lessons to learn Survival. Instead, much like Battlerage, this skill will now level up with you, becoming transcendent at level 80. All lessons in all Survival skills have been refunded.

* You do gain a slight amount of health/mana at level 100 (between 50 and 150 depending on how much constitution/intelligence you have). This is a very small amount and just to keep current health/mana values at endgame consistent with previously.