The Tournament Winners!

Treasure chest and skull

As Lord Adryn’s tournament drew to a close, the Game of Eyes acted as both the final event and closing ceremony.

For two Achaean days the six city states of Achaea deployed their full arsenal against each other, fighting relentlessly over each and every flag in order to claim not only the renowned Effigy of Victory but a last chance to earn points in the tournament as a whole.

Mirroring their performance in the last Game of Eyes, it was Targossas that blazed into first place in the game’s opening minutes, a position to which they held fast for the entire match as Eleusis, Mhaldor, and Cyrene battled for second place and those elusive tournament points.

In the event’s wake, Lord Adryn gathered all of Achaea to his fairground to announce that Mhaldor were to be declared winners of his grand tournament and granted a magnificent prize of five million gold towards the city’s development projects.

But it was not an easy victory! The games themselves saw much upset, particularly in the land race and gauntlet phases as those cities performing well in matters of strength and speed found themselves outmatched when it came to fiendish riddles and deceptively simple challengers.

For the Capture the Flag the final scores were thus:

1st. Targossas: 13463
2nd. Eleusis: 7822
3rd. Mhaldor: 4165
4th. Cyrene: 3128
5th. Ashtan: 2522
6th. Hashan: 1083

Targossas’ heroic efforts were not quite enough to close the gap on first place in Lord Adryn’s Tournament, as the final scores reflected.

1st. Mhaldor with 335 points
2nd. Cyrene with 290 points.
3rd. Targossas with 275 points.
4th. Eleusis with 230 points.
5th. Hashan with 110 points.
6th. Ashtan with 60 points.