Lord Adryn’s Tournament!

A ragged chessboard

The Most Esteemed Lord Adryn of Adryn’s Keep deigned to meet with the leaders of Achaea’s city states today, in order to explain the details of his tournament and place a contest attendant with each of the factions ready to assist with the ins and outs of the challenges ahead.

The tournament consists of four separate events, all of which are timed and scored based on city-wide performance.

First is the hunting contest, in which all six city states compete to fill special urns with the corpses of denizens they slay. This will require significant effort and completing this task allows the second to be commenced.

Following the hunting contest is the land race, a series of difficult riddles to be solved which all lead to a location of significance within Achaea. Ingenuity and logical thinking are essential!

When all riddles are solved, sailors must take to the seas and race! There will be a number of locations to find and the fastest sea captain earns their city the highest number of points!

Finally is the gauntlet, a gruelling series of trials. Each of the city states must form a well-rounded team to confront the challenges within, requiring a broad skillset of strength, resourcefulness, wit, intelligence, and sheer stamina.

When all the events are concluded and scores tallied, the Game of Eyes acts as the closing ceremony to the games proper, the last opportunity to score points and seize victory!