Let’s Talk About The Weather!

Once an ancient relic of times best forgotten, Achaea’s weather system has now been completely overhauled! Every region in Achaea’s vast land now has its own unique fronts and climates, bringing with it a chance at rare phenomena ranging from cataclysmic storms (watch for lightning!) to iridescent rainbows and everything in between!

Some of you may have noticed some strange meteorological activity on the islands, on Meropis, or in the far north. Well, now it’s reached the mainland as well, thanks to the efforts of the highly attractive (They told me to add that bit) Garden team.
We’ve updated the weather system to make it more dynamic, and it should now show different weather phenomena depending on a wide range of factors. These include location on the globe (if you’re in the north, watch out for blizzards!), precipitation, certain magical elements, and much more.
A few of these forecasts may have effects on your person, they are relatively uncommon.
Rainbows may appear on occasion (never in pairs), and the truly lucky may even find treasure at the phenomenon’s end.
Lightning strikes continue to set all appropriate terrain on fire.
If a room is on fire, it will now eventually burn itself out naturally, after which that location cannot catch fire again until after a year once the land has suitably recovered.
The team will be watching the various systems as they appear across Achaea proper (other planes are not yet included). If you notice a location that has no apparent weather for an extended period, please file a BUG!