Refinement For All!


The ability to REFINE talismans has now been made available to all Achaeans! This new system allows you to refine your promotional talisman pieces into singular rare pieces, allowing those avid collectors a chance to clean out their hordes and gain something valuable in return!

We promised you all some more artefacts over the week end, but in the process of working on the major one it occurred to us that this would likely be better as a feature available to everyone. With that in mind, we’re pleased to bring you TALISMAN REFINE.
This new command allows you to refine 3 or more PROMOTIONAL SOURCED talisman pieces and receive one back based on their total rarity. A few caveats you should be aware of:
– You can only do this once per 24 hours.
– Refined component pieces have a capped worth. This means you’ll not want to refine your super rare pieces: passed a certain point they won’t be worth more. This mechanic is intended as a way to get rid of your common duplicates with a chance at a better piece.
– The piece you receive from refining is of a new source type: the fittingly named REFINE source. This source CAN NOT be traded in.
– Only level 1 talisman pieces can be used in refining.