Ideas Grand and Small!

A studious owl

It has always been the case that the IDEA system is something of a black hole. You all just have so many ideas that it quickly becomes unrealistic and incredibly unwieldy for us to find the proverbial diamonds amid the rough.
Effective immediately, the old IDEA system has been retired and replaced with a new one.
Note: The old IDEA list is still visible to us, so fear not, ideas filed up until now have not been lost.

Now for the new!
The new IDEA system will be an anonymous submission system that allows you, the Achaea community, to up or downvote various ideas.
Once an idea receives the required number of supporters (for the nitpickers, this is support votes minus censure votes), it will vanish off the public list. At this point the idea is in the Garden’s hands.
The new IDEA system will be fully anonymous. Submitted ideas will be visible to everyone using:
IDEA LIST <start#> and IDEA LIST MATCHING <term>
Submitted ideas will be announced via the IDEAS channel. You can configure this channel on or off in CONFIG.
To see an IDEA in detail use: IDEA SHOW <ID>
To create an IDEA use: IDEA <your idea>
If your <your idea> text will start with the term “list”, “support”, “censure”, or “show” please use: IDEA NEW <your idea>
You will automatically support your own new idea, so you do not have to worry about having to file an idea and then instantly supporting it.

Every new idea will start at a lifespan of 15 real-life days, and you can SUPPORT or CENSURE ideas based on whether or not they wish these ideas to be up for Garden consideration – or consigned to Oblivion.
If an idea does not gain enough votes within its 15 day span, it will be deleted from the system.
If your idea is deleted from the system, please do not refile it.
You can, however, CENSURE your own ideas (why you would do this, however, is another matter).
As a final note, an idea getting enough votes to be moved to Garden consideration does not mean it will be approved, only that we will give it due consideration.