City Morale!

A ragged chessboard

All members of a city can now check the morale level with the MORALE command. This will show a brief statement (themed for the faction in question) about the overall health and morale of the organisation.

As part of our push on backend systems to support organisational health and to promote inclusion of meaningful results of conflict, we’ve just added a new City Morale system!
This system takes all kinds of factors into account and adjusts a city’s morale score up or down appropriately. We’re not going to detail out the specifics of what influences it, but the primary drivers are activities that reflect the engagement, growth, and activity of the city.
The scale of morale has a positive and negative end, all organisations will start today at the neutral morale state, so you can go up or down from here.
This system is run entirely by your acts, but the MORALE representation is as the overall feeling of the citizenry, including the denizens that call your city home.
Non citizens cannot check the morale of other cities.
We will not be exposing the numbers behind this scale, as this is not only for you all, but also a set of metrics by which the administration can see where organisational health needs attention across the board.
There will be a special bonus given to the city that has the highest morale, but we’ll be letting the system settle into place before we announce the details of that, so keep an eye out!
In brief, the more active and engaged and growing a city is, the better the morale will be. Morale will also reflect if a city is particularly stagnant or downtrodden.
Ultimately, Achaea is a game, so the opportunity to play the game and achieve those Dreams we all had as new players is something we look for all organisations to encourage and offer.