Over My Dead Body!


Your fallen bodies are no longer able to be used in place of the shrine judgement power!

We’ve been monitoring the last few shrine wars that have taken place and have noticed a few trends. A major one that we’ve just addressed is that judgement is in fact used far less than simply killing a (usually) willing ally. The original intent of corpse defiling was to permit the use of enemy corpses to drop shrines, but it hasn’t really worked out that way, and instead removes most of the limitors placed on order’s abilities to mass drop shrines. We considered making only corpses from the target order work for this purpose, but felt it offered a too trivial way to identify what order someone was a member of.
With that in mind, using of corpses to remove the judgement step of a defilement has been removed. Judgement is now the only way for an order to drop a shrine. As with all combat affecting changes, we’ll be keeping an eye on this in the coming days to ensure that it doesn’t make things too restrictive.