Fully Revamped Roulette!

DiceFeaturing inside and outside bets, and allowing for multiple bets, Achaea’s new roulette system even offers a clickable betting system! Let’s get the ball rolling!

Roulette tables now accept all standard roulette wagers, and you may place as many bets as you like subject to an inside-bet limit of 50,000 gold and an outside-bet limit of 1,000,000 gold per spin (these numbers subject to change). There is no minimum.
To place an inside bet, simply BET <amount> GOLD ON <numbers>
   To place a 2,000 gold split bet on 8 and 11, do BET 2000 GOLD ON 8 11
   To place a 50,000 gold street bet on 1, 2, and 3, do BET 50000 GOLD ON 1 2 3
If you use the BET command (just the one word) in a room with a roulette wheel, this will give you a visual betting table that can help you to plan your bets!
Outside bets are placed similarly, e.g., BET 2000 GOLD ON RED, though since these bets are sometimes called by different names you may want to consult the BET table to see the Achaean names for each bet (or HELP ROULETTE if you use a screen reader to play Achaea).
Those with MXP configured on can also BET <amount> GOLD to bring up a clickable roulette table that can be used to place any valid bet!