News and Events


Do you want to truly express yourself within Achaea? Now you can!


We're pleased to announce that server-side curing has been introduced!

April Promotion

The talisman promotion has been extended to the 15th!

Year 650 Championship

Jhui Ta'sa has claimed victory in the Championship games!

Capture the Flag

Retaining the Effigy of Victory, Ashtan has won the Capture the Flag!

Ship Events!

The Year 650 celebrations just wouldn't be complete without some action upon the high seas!

Tumble Races

The final event of the Championship Games has concluded...

Jousting Tournament

The dust has settled after the first ever jousting tournament!


Amidst the festivities of the Year 650, jousting has been released as an arena event!

Twins Combat Tournament

Eighteen teams battled it out in a glorious shower of blood and viscera!

Experience Contest

After a wild 24 hours, the Year 650 Championship experience contest has ended!

Bandersnatch Hunt

The dust has settled, and Jhui has won the Year 650 Bandersnatch Hunt!

Championship Quiz

The first point-awarding event has taken place for the Year 650 Championship Games!

Master Riddles

The celebrations for the Year 650 have begun with the Master Riddles!

The Houses of the Dawnspear

A new day begins in the city of Targossas, as its three houses are revealed. The mighty Dawnblade - martial protectors of the faith, The Harbingers of Redemption - brave heralds of the searing truth, and the Luminai - ruthless information brokers devoted to seeing the Dawnspear's goals met at any cost.

Year 650

The celebrations are fast approaching! Are you ready?

The Skylord

Reigning over the boundless skies, Vastar returns to Achaea!

Marks and Contracts

Marks and contracts have received an overhaul!

The Return of Twilight

The God of Darkness has turned His gaze once more to the Prime Material Plane. 

Updated Rift

The rift system of Achaea has received a massive overhaul!

Custom Prompt

The prompt system of Achaea has been updated!

Client Update!

The latest release of Achaea's HTML5 client is now live!

A Statue Stolen!

The great Statue of Zarathustra was stolen from Ashtan!

The Third Age of Achaean Newbiedom

We're excited to release a brand new, two-part introduction to Achaea!

Player ideas!

We've just released a bunch of new features, all of which came from the minds of our players!