News and Events

Poison in Petra

For reasons unknown, a mysterious visitor has visited Petra and poisoned the attendees of a village meeting...


The manner in which shrines function has been altered, with promise of more changes to come...

A place revealed...

The heart of Xhaiden Dale's Ka'ahlen swamp has been revealed!

What's this? ... Even more artefacts!

That's right! Even more artefacts have been added to Achaea! 

The Dauntless

Divorced from the Quisalis and Ivory organisations, the Dauntless are a group of fearless fighters who welcome any and all challenges to their combat prowess. 


A whole bunch of shiny, new artefacts can now be found in the Miscellaneous Artefact Shop!

Classleads - Part IV

The penultimate round of classlead changes is now live!

Hunting/PVE Balance Changes

The next round of changes have just been implemented!

Ask Your Producer!

It's time to pester Tecton, the Terraformer with any and all questions!


Are you wanting to help shape the combat landscape of Achaea?

Updates and Fixes

A bunch of new updates and bugfixes have just been implemented!


This week, the team of Achaea have been hard at work adding in many player-submitted ideas!

Achaea Client

The latest version of the Nexus client is now available for testing!

Attention Shopaholics!

It's now even easier to find items in the various shops in Achaea.

Family Clans

The newest addition to the RP landscape, a family clan is a way to formally recognise a family's place in the world!

February Promotion!

A lesson sale and a new talisman set? Goodness!

Tweaks and Changes

Further alterations to Seafaring, seamonsters, and ships have been implemented!


Something lurks beneath the wine-dark sea...


A new character retirement program has been released across Iron Realms.

Plans for 2016

Though reminiscing over the wonderful events of 2015 is all well and good, let's not forget to look forward to the coming year! 


Classlead endorsements and censures are now open!

Titanic CTF

Empowered with the skills of all of the classes in a super-powered Titanic state, mortals competed in an eventful Capture the Flag! 


A brand new system has been implemented, allowing the powers of artefacts to be shifted or combined with different items!


The third batch of ship and seafaring changes have just been implemented!

Year 700

The septuacentennial is just around the corner... Are you ready?