News and Events

To the seas!

Brand new ship trade deals have been released!

Classlead Changes - Part IV

The penultimate batch of classlead changes has been released! 

Classlead Changes - Part III

The third wave of classlead changes has been released!

Classlead Changes - Part II

The second wave of classlead changes has been released!

Classlead Changes - Part I

The first wave of classlead changes has been released!

April's Promotion

This month is steeped in tradition: a talisman set influenced by the eternal battle between the Ivory Mark and the Quisalis. 

Artisanal and Bardic Competition

On the 1st of April, a new cycle of the competition begins!


What's that, you say? Classleads are open?

Changes galore!

An abundance of bug fixes, ideas, tweaks, and changes have been implemented in Achaea!

Winds of Change

As the Ventos Allegos sweeps through the Ithmia, it's not just the Houses of Eleusis that are caught in the transfiguring winds...

Return of the Cataclysm!

The coming of the Ventos Allegos harkens the return of Artemis, Goddess of the Cataclysm!


Over the last few days, a load of new bug fixes and changes have been implemented!

Questions, questions...

Got a question for the producer of Achaea?

It's that time again...

The latest classlead changes have just been implemented!

Fixes, fixes, fixes!

In the last two weeks alone, over 500 bugs have been fixed.

Updates, updates, updates!

Are you keeping up with all of the changes in Achaea?

The Big Change

The much anticipated tradeskill split has finally been implemented!

Happy Holidays!

Merry Logosmas, from all of us here at Achaea!

Splitting Skills

The first phase of the tradeskill split has begun!


The Fissure of Echoes has been freshly discovered in the frozen north.


An absolutely incredible promotion is running for the entirety of December!

Furniture, maps, and exploration!

A major overhaul of furniture permissions has been implemented!

Forest Spirits

Discharged from their guardianship, the spirits of the forest have returned once more to Nature.


Shamans have severed their ties to earth magic, embracing the new skill of Spiritlore. 


Achaea's software engine has just been updated to the latest version!