News and Events


The spooky season has arrived, and Makesh has opened his Festivities Annex! 

Classleads, classleads, classleads!

The latest batch of classlead changes have been released!

Capture the Flag!

Targossas has claimed victory in the 17th Anniversary Game of the Eyes event!


The festivities have begun, as Achaea enters its seventeenth year!

Housing Servants

Have you ever wanted a butler in your own home? How about a cook? Well, look no further...

September Sale!

As the month ticks over, there's a brand new promotion on offer!


A slew of new artefacts have just been released!


A city bounty system has just been implemented!

Player ideas!

A multitude of additions and changes have just been implemented!

The Reckoning - Finale

Yudhishthira has reclaimed leadership of the Conclave!


Lost for a millenia, the infamous Protean Relics have once more been discovered!

New Ideas

A heap of mortal ideas have just been implemented!

Globes of Shifting Continents

As we enter July, an exciting promotion begins!

Cyrene's Renaissance

The four Houses of Cyrene have come to a close. But, what has risen in their place?

The Reckoning - Part II

The fight for leadership of the Conclave continues...

The Reckoning

Maklak, the ice wizard has issued the dragon Yudhishthira a challenge for leadership of the Conclave!


The Houses of Achaea prepare to enter a new age...


Strut your stuff with the new pose system!

Call for Coders!

Fancy volunteering as a coder for Achaea?

Classleads, classleads, classleads!

Adventurers rejoice as the latest classlead changes are unveiled!

A Curse Understood

The aftermath of the Petran auction has finally reached its conclusion!

Petran Auction

Curious items from the Karrellan Estate have been auctioned off in Petra!

Photo Contest

Fancy some cool prizes? Then take part in the Achaean Photo Contest!


Do you want to truly express yourself within Achaea? Now you can!


We're pleased to announce that server-side curing has been introduced!