News and Events

The ascension of Glaaki

Ashtan has broken through Golgotha's defences...

A legacy of ruin...

The city of Ashtan has crumbled before the siege of Emperor Golgotha!

It's that time again...

A whole horde of bug fixes have just been implemented!

Whispers of Chaos

Golgotha, the Emporer of Chaos, has exiled the Chaos Lords and laid siege to Ashtan. 

Ask Your Producer

Got a burning question for the Producer of Achaea? Now's your chance!

It's that time again...

The latest batch of classlead changes are now live!

Mining! Mining! Mining!

A brand new, major system has been implemented in Achaea: Mining!


Wanting to suggest a tweak, change, or addition to the skills of Achaea?

Ideas galore!

Tons of additions and changes from the IDEAs list have just been implemented!

Fixes galore!

Hundreds of bug fixes and tweaks have just been loaded. 

Life in Achaea

... It couldn't be easier! Brand new server-side features have been added to reduce the need for client-side scripts!

Fixes and Tweaks

In the latest round of changes, numerous bug fixes and tweaks have been implemented.

HTML5 No More

Achaea's client has been officially named...

Serendipity Boutique

In the wake of Daveed and Nissa's wedding, a brand new shop has opened in New Thera!


Many new additions to Heraldry have just been implemented!


The beta version of Achaea's client is now live!


With the Caspiite contagion purged from Umbrin, the quarantine has been lifted!

Claiming The Land

Having released hordes of undead, Caspiites held the land to ransom...

From the depths...

The Caspiites have launched an attack upon the land, and hordes of undead now fester amongst the harbours.


The latest phase in Achaea's updates to hunting and combat against denizens has been released!

Talisman Market

Adventurers can now trade and auction off talisman pieces!

Disease and Disaster

By the authority of Captain Maelstrom, Umbrin has been quarantined after reports of a suspected plague outbreak.

The Ideas List

A large batch of player-submitted ideas has just been implemented!

To the seas!

Brand new ship trade deals have been released!

Classlead Changes - Part IV

The penultimate batch of classlead changes has been released!