News and Events

Year 700

The septuacentennial is just around the corner... Are you ready?

Bigger and better!

The rift has been expanded, allowing it to hold many of the common fluids used in everyday life. 

Sailin' and Seafarin'

The second batch of ship and seafaring changes has just gone live! 


The first batch of ship and seafaring changes has just gone live!


As the great serpent slithered across the celestial vault, the eerie groans of the dead echoed across Achaea...

Miscellaneous Tweaks and Changes

The team have been hard at work, altering many different aspects of Achaea.

Artisanal and Bardic Competition

The third cycle of 2015 has drawn to a close!

Combat Rankings

The third season of 2015 has come to a close!

It's finally here...

We're pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Multiclass!

Stall of Wonders

In honour of the birthday celebrations, Merentesh has set up a temporary stall in the Adryn fairgrounds!

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs!

What's this, you ask? Another batch of bug fixes?


This month, Achaea celebrates its 18th birthday!


There's been another masive update, and this time it's to Achaea's weather system!

The ascension of Glaaki

Ashtan has broken through Golgotha's defences...

A legacy of ruin...

The city of Ashtan has crumbled before the siege of Emperor Golgotha!

It's that time again...

A whole horde of bug fixes have just been implemented!

Whispers of Chaos

Golgotha, the Emporer of Chaos, has exiled the Chaos Lords and laid siege to Ashtan. 

Ask Your Producer

Got a burning question for the Producer of Achaea? Now's your chance!

It's that time again...

The latest batch of classlead changes are now live!

Mining! Mining! Mining!

A brand new, major system has been implemented in Achaea: Mining!


Wanting to suggest a tweak, change, or addition to the skills of Achaea?

Ideas galore!

Tons of additions and changes from the IDEAs list have just been implemented!

Fixes galore!

Hundreds of bug fixes and tweaks have just been loaded. 

Life in Achaea

... It couldn't be easier! Brand new server-side features have been added to reduce the need for client-side scripts!

Fixes and Tweaks

In the latest round of changes, numerous bug fixes and tweaks have been implemented.