The Shaman Class


The enigmatic ritualists called Shamans hail from the wintry northernlands of Hashan. The class was born in 288 A.F. of the modern age, when Firefox Sly opened the guild of Shamans to the world. Drawing their strength from the darker side of mysticism, the class of Shamans is not inherently aligned with any ethos. However, they tend to draw those who embrace the secrets of the shadows more readily than the light. Hence, their membership is mostly contained within their historical home of Hashan with a few residing in Ashtan and Mhaldor, but rarely in Cyrene, Eleusis, or Shallam.

Fiercely spiritual and reclusive, Shamans practice the art of Curses, through which they can hex their opponents with a number of debilitating afflictions. They are formidable foes even from afar, for they can craft Vodun dolls and manipulate others, breaking limbs, causing bleeding, paralysing, even leech experience from a distance. A Shaman is a slippery opponent in combat, and onceone has gained a full likeness of you, extremely difficult to overcome.

Their studies of cryptic runes have enabled them to sketch runes with various powers upon the ground, upon themselves and others, and upon armour and weapons to strengthen them. Most importantly, they may sketch multiple runes upon totems, which can then be wielded or implanted into the ground for protection. Totems are a valuable commodity to those who wish increased protection for their property, so those skilled enough in Runelore to produce them are valued as well.