How to Connect

Playing Achaea

You can play Achaea in a variety of ways, including both in-browser and downloadable methods. We recommend:

  • Main Client: Our new HTML5 client that works very well with the latest versions of all the browsers, with the exception of Internet Explorer versions 9 and earlier. This will give you the best initial Achaea experience.
  • Flash Client: Use this only if you insist on using IE 9 or earlier. Otherwise, use the Main Client (above) instead. This is an inferior experience to the Main Client.
  • Mudlet: This is a third-party (free) downloadable client that is popular with our high-end combatants due to being highly-customisable. You'll use it to connect to, port 23 (you can also use port 2003 if you are blocked from using port 23 for whatever reason).

Playing on Mobile

There are a number of options to play on mobile, but let's face it, playing a MUD on a phone is pretty much a no-go other than for light chatting or checking messages. It's more possible on tablets, and in both cases we recommend using the Main (HTML5) Client. We've also developed the IRE Android App but it will not see updates as often as the Main Client will.