The Return of Sartan

As all of Achaea looked on with tense anticipation, Pentharian, Lord of Valour, called upon the gods of evil to atone for their treachery. Facing off against Apollyon in a one-on-one fight, Pentharian was bolstered by the prayers of Shallam's citizenry, and struck down the Suffering God, claiming victory for the upholders of Good and Righteousness.

Days later, as Mhaldor struggled with the loss of Apollyon, a storm gathered above the isle of Mhaldor. Shaitan was enveloped in a turbulent storm wrought of the Suffering God's remains, a tumultuous struggle that resulted in the reunification of the Twin Lords as Sartan, the Malevolent!

Events News 401 has the full tale of this action-packed fight, with the climactic aftermath in Events News 402!


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4:20 AM

Huzzah! This certainly tempers the disappointment of Apollyon's death for the Mhaldorian players.