The Death of Selene

Deep within his temple in the Northreach the god Lupus slumbered, healing from his wounds incurred upon the planet of Krenindala. Never leaving his side was Selene, Goddess of Love and Beauty, her tears endlessly flowing as she grieved for her injured lover. The fearsome god Bal'met crept into the Northreach to finish what he had started, but instead Selene fell prey to his horrible corruption, leaving the world of Achaea sombre and uncertain in the wake of her death.

Read all about Selene's tragic end in Events News #403!


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6:43 AM

This is horrible!

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8:34 PM

I'm so ready for this event to be over

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7:34 PM

You and me both


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11:03 PM

Bit lackluster death that could have used a bit more work, no offense