The Anatomy of a Mistell

Many of us enjoy visiting and catching up with friends when we log on to play IRE rpg games. TELLS are a great way to keep up with close friends; some use tells for official business, while others chatter away for long hours with friends. A fantastic method for fostering relationships in the rpg game, it's only fair to warn you about the terrible step-sibling of the TELL, the Mistell. If you have ever encountered this sibling, you know as well as I do that the Mistell can cause many headaches.  Being wiley, the Mistell wears several disguises to achieve its goal; as a matter of public service we'll be examining those misdirecting appearances today. 


Sometimes the best reply is none at all 

The risk for Mistells increases when your conversations get out of control. A busy social life is sure to cause anyone to forget who they've shared information with.  Tells are- in essence- the voices in your head that keep you sane or drive you to insanity. Even the most experienced rpg game player has a fair share of Mistell horror stories.  In most cases, the Reply command is the likely culprit. 

Here's how it starts:  You arrive in the rpg game, and begin talking to a friend. Typically you take things in stride, answering questions, assuring yourself that you are safe to reply in to answer them and say “blah blah blah Blah blah… and blah…” and suddenly another person pops into your head with a question. For the speedtalker that likes to reply without listening to the last comment heard, this is prime time for the Mistell to strike.  

How to avoid it: Rather than simply use 'reply blah blah', why not address the people you speak to by their names?  Not only is it polite, and also helps you remember who assigned that important guild task, it helps reduce the risk of a Mistell rearing its ugly heald. 


When name-calling goes bad

“In all life’s little lessons there are five things to observe with care, to who you speak, of whom you speak, and how, and when, and where…”

Observe the following quote, it teaches you a lot about Mistells and of conversation in general.  Usually when you’re chatting with friends over TELLS, you talk about what is going on in the rpg game, discuss things you like and don’t like, or talk about other people.  This is when the Nametell can cause your conversations to go awry. 

Here's how it starts: So there you are talking to your friend about someone you absolutely loathe, or a situation that has occurred, and you and your friend are not pleased, and rather than say something about someone else, you say it to that someone else in question.  Score 1 for the Mistell. 

How to avoid it:  Just as it was advised to speak to address someone by their name, now it's time to take the extra step and TELL (PERSON).  This is not the time to take the lazy route of the reply, it can get you into a lot of trouble here. What happens is the person on the receiving end of your rpg game mistell winds up learning a lot more than you wanted, and you have to think quickly to cover your mistake before it comes back to bite you on your backside. 


Why is this important anyway? 

 Chances are that sneaky little Mistell will spawn a chain reaction, and the subject of your conversation ceases to be private. Sad fact, even though you know your friend can keep a secret, the Mistell does not like to keep things secret for long. Mistell breeds a tell to one party and then another, sometimes right to the very enemy you were discussing. While you’re sitting in your chair trying to extricate yourself from the conversation in the most diplomatic manner, Mistell is lurking in the shadows and having a great laugh at your expense. 

Remember fellow gamers, when you are caught up in a conversation, always "TELL <Name> <Reply>". This will save you many a headache in the long run. By following that little rule, and observing your conversations carefully, you can prevent mistells from sneaking up and making you the fool in this role playing game!


Had an embarrassing mistell moment? Share in the comments below!


R.A. Pickett is a role playing enthusiast who enjoys the best rpg games from Iron Realms!


Orodeth's picture
5:50 PM

Was having a chat with my old friend, I've been off world for a looooooooong time and he was helping me restock myself when suddenly he Tells me "But you have... Diamonds".. had to laugh

Tekla's picture
6:10 PM

I've heard stories of folks who prepare epic, carefully worded monologues then lie in wait for their intended to send them a tell so they could "mistell" the "reply" of how they're really feeling without "being mean" and being straight about what's on their mind.

Lisbethae's picture
10:27 PM

Another common was is PT(Party Tell) to CT (City Tell) or, even worse, OT(Order Tell). The only real way to avoid mistells that are embarrassing is to not say things one wouldn't want broadcast to the public.

Oceana's picture
6:33 AM

Talking on the wrong clan is very common as well. Use the clan number with your clt to avoid switching and mistelling.

Calleis's picture
3:46 AM

I just alias all my clans. No chance of misclantells and no missing to CT either!

Ada's picture
11:24 AM

You can T (name) (message) as well if typing out the entire four letter word is too much for you. I often get hit with VERY LARGE item/room descriptions and other things that start with 'A' because of nametells. The most common one being,

(Person) tells you, "Beam of prismatic light suddenly shoots into the room."
You tell (Person), "Beam of prismatic light back atcha!%"

I once received a naughty description of a private tailoring design as well, the ensuing conversation was equally awkward and funny hehe.

Jenny's picture
5:18 PM

What about the CLANTELL (CLT) to CITYTELL (CT)? To which I say, the L makes all the difference!!!

Kii's picture
8:07 PM

I guess that would be a problem, especially if your L key was sticky or something

Yilkon's picture
6:03 AM

Of course there is always getting HNT HT and HTS mixed up. Which can be embarrassing when talking about information that is supposed to be secret (or just about how great/awful the latest batch of novices is).

Selira's picture
10:41 PM

And which you do constantly.

It's okay, keeps them on their toes.

Nona's picture
6:01 AM

Not only that, but also having the conversation on different channels makes it crazy. It makes it difficult for the other person to follow if you constantly jump from one channel to another. Put replies into the mix and you have a super-confusing, impossible to follow through a history chat. I sometimes wonder what it looks like from the side of a novice, when you get to hear one sentance out of the whole conversation. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face, hee hee.

Athylea's picture
6:25 PM

Probably the most annoying mistells I ever received was while playing my first character. Her first letters were TAR and so a majority would use that to target. I lost count how many target misses I had including my character being the target. Countless X tells you, "Rat." tells and so on.

But probably the most hilarious was once Sartan killed a Mhaldorian for missing something on CT. In fact that was the reason I made ct into an alias so I wouldn't miss to it. XD

Orimion's picture
7:06 PM

I often receive tells that were intended for another person, most common culprits being, awkwardly enough, Mhaldorians. Second on the list is people sending a tell to another person with a similar name if he's logged off without them realizing it or perhaps disconnected.

Nona's picture
6:53 AM

With my name it's usually the 'No problem' reply... without the reply. The first few times was a shocker, but i find it amusing to receive those. Not the reason to make a fuss out of it, but those things happen. Even to gods. Having that thought in mind gives more charm to the world in my eyes.

Shirszae's picture
9:14 PM

Ah, fun times... Specially when meaning to write TELL X "Y blah blah blah insult blah", but instead bypass X entirely...

Inc's picture
12:31 PM

That is what happens to me about three times whenever I log in.

Myrddin's picture
5:58 PM

Some of the funniest I have seen are people in OOC clans, then saying something intense over CT such as "I'm not sure, but Dr. Phil would lose to Oprah in a mud wrestling contest."

Anaidiana's picture
4:25 PM

without a doubt, the worst/most common two mistells I see are of the 'CT/CLT' and the 'HT/HTS' varieties. Always lots of fun there!

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Yamato's picture
9:22 AM

I love those random misstells from people I do not know or I have never send a tell before.. they can't send me tells with /r and still I get the miss.

Silvarien's picture
2:11 PM

I've met some people whose names are very similar to my own. There was once a nice girl in Cyrene named Silvary, and there's now a Silvy or Silvie, I don't remember which. Naturally, when we were in Realms at the same time, we'd get half each other's tells. Some of the more famous people get their names mimicked on purpose, though luckily the imitators do not end up staying for a long length of time. But yeah, embarassing mistells really stink. Especially when you meant to send a Tell and send to City instead. Ouch.

Silvalum's picture
7:17 PM

I'm pretty sure I get a decent amount of your tells. Sometimes I don't think they even realize they aren't talking to you and they will go on for a bit until I have a chance to tell them, mis. Heh.

Mosr's picture
4:12 PM

I've killed people because they got lippy to me after I missed. Smile

Ognog's picture
3:31 AM

I get some mistells simply because the first two letters of my name "OG" is awfully close to "OT" for Order Tell. Out of the blue I'll get the booming telepathic voice of a God stating something incredibly interesting and peculiar!
Of course, I pretend never to have heard it Wink

Stephine's picture
5:24 AM

Probably the funniest thing I have done with mistells is I get OT and PT mixed up alot. One time I was telling some friends on PT about this great movie I had just watched and.. Instead I send it to the Order. Needless to say I got some really strange looks from my Ordermates. My different clans I get switched up alot if I get to talking to someone somewhere else and another person pops up. I really need to alias my clans.

Kand's picture
6:50 AM

How do you alias a clan? Just set an alias to switch to clan, send a tell, and switch back?

Rangor's picture
7:07 AM

People's names should not start with T-E-L.

how r u?

Ryvold's picture
1:07 AM

Agreed. Can't begin to tell you how many mistells I've had on a primary character in another game instructing them how to do things only to accidently have a mis tell just becuase i frogot to add an extra L to tell.

Sherazad's picture
11:50 AM

I thought I'd get better with nametells but it fails if someone with the beginning of the name of who should receive my tell is also online Sad. Also I have mis'd in my language several times on ct Sad gah

Little ones, they scream like bunnies~

Lodi's picture
12:48 PM

I love how some people can get so embarrassed about sending saucy mistells. Smile

Nona's picture
8:05 AM

I love those! Whether done by me or to me... I wouldn't have it any other way.

Halo's picture
8:19 PM

I bet Halos hates me when I'm not in the game. I hate mistelling people, happens all the time

Halos's picture
9:12 PM

He does.

Beya's picture
10:35 AM


Thanks, Achaea.

Jenifer's picture
2:48 AM

I never knew about it!

Daslin's picture
3:04 AM

Okay, I'm lying. I get some interesting ones, because Das was around, says something silly then poofs. Hence I get his tells.

Then I get random ones about the stupidest things, and they weren't even meant for DAS!

But, I've screwed up CLT CT and different clans so many times, I'm never sure whom I am talking to!

Vlarto's picture
3:17 PM

I often mistell my Mentor and my close friends.

Inc's picture
12:29 PM

Given my name, I get all sorts of mistells beginning with the word 'I' ... or people who mis-syntaxe 'INR" or "INB"

The thing is, simply using 'i' brings up the inventory, so this goes another step. They'd have to TELL someone, skip the recipient's name entirely, and dive headway into their message.

This happens perhaps 2 or 3 times whenever I'm online.

Kensei's picture
10:08 AM

I thought it'd be great to use at first, but after some very embarassing mistells I think it's better to keep it disabled!

Masaryk's picture
12:19 AM

I've gone about never using "reply" as someone can randomly tell me right before I send the reply. I've made some terrible "replied" mistells in my years...

Aisling's picture
12:46 AM

I always end up closing my client and being embarrassed whenever I mistell :

Masaryk's picture
8:30 PM

Hah, yeah, I did that few times when I first started playing.

Grimalda's picture
12:48 AM

I hope never to send an embarassing tell to the wrong person!

Archene's picture
3:09 AM

I was there killing alone...Sad then a random guy said...
"I will kill you!!!"
Simultaneously another random person passed through me, and before I replied the random #1 I sighted,
"Random #1 was slain by Random #3."

Nenris's picture
12:10 AM

I always use reply; no wonder I commit so many mistells.

Kione's picture
1:04 PM

Especially in large rooms. It's not that hard to eavesdrop on tells Smile.

Melodie's picture
1:32 AM

Mistells. Beast most foul. Sad

I'm happy to say I've never missed anything horrible to city or Order or anything, but I once mistelled something to someone else privately that was horrrrrible.. oh gods. Reply is such a beast.

Aliath's picture
10:55 AM

Just use the full name and they are pretty much avoidable, they can be fun to comment on though

Lyris's picture
11:58 AM

I had one very annoyed person rudely lash out at me for a mistell when I asked someone "Do you have a house?" over a tell. I guess I'd get irate with mistells if my name was Howard or Whyrem. I'm still confused about how to shut off abbreviations. I need to look again at the help system.

Kestyn's picture
4:43 PM

when they wanted to talk to Kest. Oops.

Kii's picture
7:13 AM

someone was trying to tell a hug to Cho but Cho had just left the realms so it went to Choryn. It was amusing.

Amaru's picture
7:16 AM

can someone tell me how to join the bardic contests?

Jenifer's picture
5:28 PM

I mistell too much.

Blackharp's picture
8:09 PM

I get called a rat a lot in mistells....also a forest.

Anarwaen's picture
7:06 AM

My personal anathema is actually typing YELL instead of TELL. Some very awkward moments there.

Lupe's picture
4:56 AM

I know it has nothing to do really with mistels, but I have a habbit of accidentally writing don;t instead of don't and it drives me crazy because I do it all the time!

Triak's picture
12:46 AM

Especially the spicy ones.


Tanaar's picture
4:24 AM

I once mischanned the entire lyrics to the Lords of Acid song "Pussy" onto CHT instead of CLT. Tarah and I had a very embarassing conversation about my adoration for cats following that.