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Pathfinding Updates!

By Nicola | August 8, 2017 | Comments Off on Pathfinding Updates!

The WALK TO command has gotten a much needed facelift! This expansion allows for gallop, dash, sprint, and runaway, and adds a whole host of quality of life changes! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4786 for all the details.

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Year 750 Schedule!

By Nicola | August 1, 2017 | Comments Off on Year 750 Schedule!

In a few weeks the Year 750 games kicks off! Win the Staff of Nicator and a whole host of credit prizes! If you want to take a shot at being the Champion READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4782 has all the details and checkout UPCOMING when in game for the Championship Games schedule. We’ll see you there!…

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Artefact Shops Rework!

By Nicola | July 19, 2017 | Comments Off on Artefact Shops Rework!

With so many artefacts on offer we’ve spent a couple of days working with Merentesh in Delos and fixing up the HELPs associated with them! We now have a crafting artefact shop, and class-based artefact shops! One shop is dedicated to the Knight classes, and others organised alphabetically by class name! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4779 for…

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Mid Year Auction!

By Nicola | July 8, 2017 | Comments Off on Mid Year Auction!

Whether you have credits or gold in your pocket, there’s something for you at the mid year auction! Checkout AUCTIONS in game to see the items up for grabs and HELP AUCTIONS to learn how to place your bids! Bidding closes in a week, so don’t wait too long.

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War on Nishnatoba

By Ictinus | June 25, 2017 | Comments Off on War on Nishnatoba

The drums of war beat with fury as the armies of Mhaldor and Targossas clash upon the ancient battlefield of Nishnatoba. As this brutal conflict comes to a head, the stakes have never been higher for the forces of Good or Evil. Check out Events news #582 for all the gory details!

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Tensions Mount

By Nicola | June 16, 2017 | Comments Off on Tensions Mount

Achaea shakes as the Gods of Righteousness and Evil rage and clash. Amid Their heated negotiations did death’s hammer fall, resounding a single call to action: WAR. Take a gander at Events news #579 to get up to speed with all the glorious and gory details!

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Q2 Classleads + Shikudo Updates!

By Nicola | June 12, 2017 | Comments Off on Q2 Classleads + Shikudo Updates!

The next round of classlead additions went live today, these included alterations to Shikudo abilities, the addition of RELAX available for a number of tattoos, expansion of the MASTER CRAFTER trait, and an increase in rift capacity for ingredients! Classleads news #5 has all the details!

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Extermination and Vivify!

By Nicola | June 10, 2017 | Comments Off on Extermination and Vivify!

Extermination, after all of these years, gets a massive change, and the grove users of Achaea gain access to VIVIFY! What will this mean for the Evil vs Nature conflict and what else has changed? Take a look at Announce news #4768 for all of the details.

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The Wheel Of Fortune Returns!

By Nicola | June 1, 2017 | Comments Off on The Wheel Of Fortune Returns!

With artefacts, credits, consumables, a new talisman set, and more, the wheel of Fortune awaits lucky spinners in New Thera! See Announce news #4767 for all the details!

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Shikudo Returns to Achaea

By Nicola | May 21, 2017 | Comments Off on Shikudo Returns to Achaea

A historical moment occurred today. Grandmaster Kevadrin of Judgement Mountain lifted the centuries old ban on Shikudo, the ancient art of fighting with a staff. This is now available to the most practised and disciplined of monks. See Announce news 4762 for more details!

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The Great Hunt Commences!

By Nicola | April 27, 2017 | Comments Off on The Great Hunt Commences!

This weekend, from April 29th at 00:01 GMT to April 30th at 23:59 GMT, we’ll be running a Great Hunt! This includes double experience on all denizen kills, credit prizes for the top 10 players in each tier, and credit awards at point thresholds!

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Classleads Q2 Pt 2!

By Nicola | April 20, 2017 | Comments Off on Classleads Q2 Pt 2!

Part two of the 2nd Quarter classleads implementation is now live! This includes alterations in Apostasy, Artificing, Curses, Formulation, Pranks, Weaponmastery, and a resurrection cooldown. Head to the news and check out Classleads post #2 for all the details!  

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Classleads Q2 Pt 1!

By Nicola | April 16, 2017 | Comments Off on Classleads Q2 Pt 1!

The second round of classleads implementation is underway and we start off with the release of the CLASSLEADS newsboard, going fowards you’ll be able to look here for updates on the majority of combat changes! READNEWS CLASSLEADS 1 to get the low down on all the changes so far!  

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2nd Quarter Classleads Open

By Nicola | April 4, 2017 |

As we enter the second quarter of 2017 (already!), its time for our second classlead round for the year. The classlead process is how we balance classes and add new abilities to skills as appropriate, and is generally the time when you can get your voices heard on issues of combat balance! Submissions will last…

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A Firesome Challenge

By Nicola | April 3, 2017 |

Twas a quiet day in Ashtan before the Caefir of Targossas called forth the power of their Righteous God. How will the Aegeans of War respond to this insult to their Lord? What plans hatch amongst the Court of Chaos? Surely the Seat of Chaos will not stand for this incursion. Only time will tell……

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The Winning Tickets!

By Nicola | April 2, 2017 |

Some of you may remember the raffle held in February, where tickets to enter were won via the Wheel of Fortune. The Shar’ilian Lightspire is now in the Miscellaneous Artefact Shop, a massive upgrade to the Staff of Illusions, it offers expanded illusions, coloured illusions, and brings glamours to the Achaean world. HELP ARTEFACTS MISC…

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Roleplay and Immersion

By Nicola | April 1, 2017 |

For 24 hours (as something of an “experiment”) Achaeans lost the use of the common tongue, forcing all to work out how to communicate in their racial or city languages! This world-sweeping change was preceded by a girlish giggle heard by all. While we claim this is to promote immersion and roleplay depth, Someone Else…

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Furnishing: Beds Return To Achaea!

By Nicola | March 19, 2017 |

And they’re even better than before! Furnishers can now craft a range of bed-style items to decorate your homes with, these include standard beds as well as hammocks, cots, and bunks. All of these can be sit or lied upon! In addition to this, a furnishing bed can be upgraded by the property owner into…

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Classlead Changes Round 5

By Nicola | March 14, 2017 |

The final round of changes for the 1st Quarter Classleads is now live! Alterations according to your feedback have been made in the following skills: Physiology, Shadowmancy, Spiritlore, Subterfuge, Survival, and Twoarts! A SHIP queue and an internal cooldown on reincarnation via the Gem of Transmutation have also been added. For all the specifics, READNEWS…

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Forays and the Intrepid!

By Nicola | March 12, 2017 |

Thanks to the grand efforts of Jayden, Farrah, Gamoneterik, Ahmet, Siduri, and Iakimen, the foray board belonging to Russell, a rugged ex-adventurer was rescued from the clutches of dread Aran’Kesh, and forays are now available to all Achaeans! A “foray” is the name given to a difficult task or challenge undertaken by a group of…

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