The Satyr Race


Satyrs are a jovial race composed entirely of males, and are famous for a love of wild entertainment and women. Due to some unknown reproductive property inherent to them, their children are either Satyrs or the race of the mother.

Satyrs possess the upper body of a human man, and powerful goats' legs below. Hair and eye colour is as varied as the human range, though that of their lower body is generally coarse and brown or black in colour. Most have horns on their head, ranging from small, pointed nubs to large and curling projections like that of a ram. Facial hair is common.


Specialisation Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence
Unspecialised 13 12 11 12
Brute 15 12 11 11
Knave 13 14 10 12
Gallant 13 11 13 12
Chanter 12 12 11 14


Racial Trait: Merrymaker

  • Regenerate ENDURANCE at an increased rate.
  • Have the ability to HEADSTOMP.