The Horkval Race


Horkval are powerful, though not particularly intelligent, insect-like humanoids. Used as shocktroops by Aegis, God of War, during the battle on Nishnatoba, Horkval are fearsome allies, who show no fear in battle, and who work together on a level surpassed only by the crystalline Kx'khrah. Their origin is not known, but it is almost certain that they did not originate on the continent of Sapience, and possibly not even on this world. The largest concentration of Horkval lies upon the island of Ulangi, where they exhibit a hive-like social structure.

Horkval are characterised by armour-like exoskeletons or carapaces in many different colours. They stand taller than most humans, on par with Rajamala and Xoran, but are generally shorter than Trolls. Some have more insectoid features than others, such as mandibles and antennae. Hair, while uncommon, is not unheard of.


Specialisation Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence
Unspecialised 12 12 13 11
Vindicator 14 12 13 10
Prosecutor 12 14 12 11
Claviger 12 11 15 11
Commander 11 12 13 13


Racial Trait: One of the Great Phalanx

  • Very resistant to CUTTING damage.
  • Very resistant to BLUNT damage.
  • Can not wear armour.
  • Have the ability to LEAP.