The Runewarden Class


The class of Runewardens first originated in the city of Cyrene, deep within the snow-clad mountains of the Southern Vashnars. Though founded within the Heart of the Vashnars, the skills of the class are not inherently bound to any one ethos. A Runewarden Knight is usually welcome in any city as long as he or she is willing to live by that city's laws.

Armed in shimmering armour and wielding blades inscribed with arcane runes, the Runewardens are the epitome of discipline and honour in combat. Protection and preservation is their motto, and they are selfless in whatever cause they represent. Fittingly, they possess the knowledge of crafting totems and sketching runes upon them, and the totems are often implanted in cities and other properties as protection against enemies, the runes upon the totems attacking enemies on sight. Their studies of the magic inherent in representational forms also has given them the knowledge to sketch runes not only on totems and weapons but upon themselves, others, and on the ground, each rune possessing a different power.

Their totems can also be wielded for use in combat, but Runewardens generally eschew this use in favour of their beloved blades. Strengthened with runes and usually dripping with coated venoms, the flashing dual blades of a Runewarden are a magnificent sight in full combat. Discipline and honour are the watchwords of a Runewarden, and the movement of their formations on the battlefield can be a dazzling sight indeed.

The skills of a Runewarden are Runelore, Chivalry, and Weaponmastery. A fledgling Runewarden gains Runelore and Weaponmastery, while Chivalry is gained upon embracing class.