The Paladin Class


The Paladin Knights are great warriors of Creation and Light, fighting for what is right and good in the world. Much like the Priests, the Paladins, for most of history called the Templars, are an ancient class.  Millennia ago, mourning her death and celebrating her long life, Imithia performed the Rite of Ending for Pasiphae, a daughter of Sinope and Callisto, and in doing so founded the Church of Achaea. From the small band of devout followers led by Imithia, the Church grew and evolved, and gave birth to her two guilds, the Templars and Priests. The Templars served as protectors of the ancient Priests and as great warriors for the cause of Good. Even Paladins not associated with the Church adhere to at least some of the tenets of good, for to stray from the path of righteousness is to risk losing strength as a Paladin.

A typical Paladin is noble, chivalrous, and as concerned with how he does something as with what it is he's doing. He strives not to harm innocents, seeks to do what is right, and generally seeks to be a shining example to the younger, more impressionable residents of Achaea. 

In battle, a Paladin is fearsome indeed. In gleaming armour, wielding great weapons, falcon by his side, the Paladin strides or rides into battle ready to destroy those who would do evil with an overwhelming show of force. Beyond these mere physical gifts is what makes a Paladin more than a mere knight: the rites of Devotion. These rites, derived from the ancient and powerful Rituals of the ancient Church, allow the Paladin to perform various holy deeds such as resurrecting the slain, dispelling illusions with the power of truth, and instilling overwhelming fear in his enemies.

The skills of a Paladin are Chivalry, Devotion, and Weaponmastery. A fledgling Paladin gains Weaponmastery and Devotion, while Chivalry is gained upon embracing class.