Neraeos, God of the Sea


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1:24 AM


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1:28 AM

I can't see Nemo anywhere.

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2:23 AM

Oooh! Neraeos! He is sooo... sooooo hot! *swoon*
I love his hair 

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3:03 AM

The quality of the picture is amazing. I love the art work.

However it is really not Neraeos for me. He looks too young, skinny and girly. Neraeos has more presence than that and I would have added a few years and made him a bit more rugged. He's supposed to be hot and manly. Not pretty. No bow chikka wow wow in this one.

~ Ravien Corten ~

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3:53 PM

I agree. Also, unless he has changed his appearance, his hair is black and he has a braided beard. And he wears WAY less clothing Wink

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6:40 AM

He doesn't even have a proper beard. What in the hell is going on here? I thought he was going to look like a badass Poseidon type.

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7:01 AM

Nice pic, but this is not Neroes. 

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5:02 PM

Artwork is amazing, but seriously looks like a male siren not a God and definitely not the Neraeos in my oppinion.

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7:31 PM

This is Neraeos?

I thought he would look more like Zeus or at least formidable.

This guy makes me want to laugh and chalk it off as a good day reading comics!

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3:04 PM

Reminds me of the lead singer in an 80s hair band. Rawr.

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3:28 PM

yeah, i am hugely disappointed.

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4:29 PM

Again, the art is amazing. However this is how I remember him:

He is a radiant Immortal and is standing before you with a quiet, wise expression. Ten feet tall, his face is ageless and contemplative, with piercing blue-green eyes stare into your soul. Black hair tumbles in curls to His shoulders, and His black beard has been braided with seaweed and tiny shells. Bare-chested but for the small pendant that graces His form, Neraeos would appear almost human save for the moments when parts of His form appear to dissolve into swirling water, only to reform into exquisite flesh. He is wearing a Pendant of Oceans, the Crown of Oceans, simple leather sandals, a stunning bracelet of interwoven coral and platinum, and a purple skirt trimmed in golden thread.

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5:24 PM

Woops. Looks like the artist had Lord Neraeos's hair wrong. The picture depicted his hair as blond when Ainia's look at Him showed that He has black hair.

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1:21 PM

Omg Neraoes got all the swag. So sexy, 10/10 would bang.

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11:19 PM

He's got different aspects. This is Neraeos as Fylakas. The black-haired description above is Neraeos as Pelagia, I think.

That said, while it's still a bit too pretty boy for my personal image of him, it's a beautiful piece of art.