How to Gain Rank in Your Faction

A lot of people ask me in game,"How can I rise in my city/house/order/organization?"

There are many ways to achieve power and/or prestige in IRE games, each method capable of filling your player's personal goal(s). The first thing to ask yourself is, "why do I want the power/prestige?" For some, they want to rise in rank for the mere accomplishment of it. Others wish titles or position for the sheer recognition or in game fame associated with rank or achievement. There are those who want the power they perceive comes with such a position. Lastly, there are those whose natural tendency is to help others, and in many instances achieving certain levels or ranks in an MMO allows them to do so.

Whether it is to fill a hole missing from their offline life, or because of their natural tendencies or desires is not important. What is important is recognizing the desire, and going about the steps needed to achieve your goal rather than stand around complaining that your talent is not being recognized.

A quiet secret is that the various jobs and positions in the IRE games are more about work and less about power. Yes, you have abilities that the masses do not have, sometimes to offer accolades in the terms of favours or other forms of recognition. You may be able to set law or policy, or decide who may, or may not, be a part of your organization. However, with those abilities comes a price. You have responsibilities, duties, which must be accomplished. You may enjoy the duties, but don't kid yourself, it is still work in all the meanings of the word, and you had better like the recognition or sense of accomplishment stemming from the duties, because that will be the only form of compensation you receive.

Even though it is work, some guilds, houses, or cities are stagnant, the same people in charge for real life years. However, because of the work involved, or people's offline responsibilities or needs adjusting over time, others have a lot of movement. Very few have a set group of Leaders, totally unchanging, and most are always looking for new people to help out with the various duties associated with running a house, guild, city, order, or other organization.

But, harkening back to the beginning, ultimately it is about work and while there are many who might want the perceived power or recognition, there are fewer who have the time, ability, or dedication to do the associated work.

So, if you want to move up in your organization, offer to help out. Really, it is that simple. The odds are that those already in leadership roles will jump at the offer. There may be training or requirements you'll have to fulfill before being released to perform your new duties, but they tend to relate to the duties themselves, so if you don't like the training or requirements, then you won't like the actual work either. Some jobs may have duties or requirements more to your liking, so don't give up, find your niche and leap on it!

Once you are known as somebody willing to help, you'll most likely be asked by other departments and people to become their aide. Eventually there will be an opening, and you will have the envious position of being the one in charge of a specific area, or an entire organization. Then it will be your turn to lament that there are more jobs than there are people willing and able to help out.

Author: Deborah Levinson


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Great article, thanks!

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nice article

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I met someone who tried to increase his rank status in a very rushy way. He had a totally wrong approach...

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I'll give this a shot.

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Good article, thanks.

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Aye, definitely a good article. Doesn't occur to the proactive to simply ask at times (I've been guilty of this as well).

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In my opinion there are too many people who are eager for power and then when they get it they abuse the power

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I think that the people trying to get power are the people that probably shouldn't have it at all

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I agree. It's mostly just more work if you rise higher in an org. But then again, if you didn't want it, you wouldn't go looking for it. Smile

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Work is almost always noticed!

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Interesting take on things.

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nice Article

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When all else fails, bribes and intimidation may also work. Or, your house may not care about money or fighting and be more inclined towards fluffy huggle snugglies, in which case you may be hosed.

But great article!

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hehehe bribes really? 

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it's nice to see articles like this that can be honestly helpful

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Good read, I appreciate your honesty as to what being a leader is ll about. The work Smile

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Good Article and so true


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Or you can be a kiss-ass like me! Go team me!  *</;P

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Good advice.  Long-standing organizations can be a bit intimidating for a newcomer but a willingness to help out and be useful is often all that is needed to get started.

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The impression I got from starting out in Mhaldor is that combat-savvy individuals are the ones that rise in rank. This could be a shallow perception, though.

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It can seem like combat prowess is the only way to achieve rank. But that's not the case at all. A willingness to help is what matters the most. For some, that comes easiest in combat. However, I got to my positions by filling roles in the house that needed to be filled. I became head of security by simply performing the duties required, eventually leading to the HL asking me to officially take the role (during one of those periods of mass leadership change, new HL and mostly new council). Regardless, there are many ways to gain rank if you just do the work required of the office you want to hold.

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Recognition isn't always the only form of compensation. Pretty sure some organizations reward hard-working (or maybe favorite...) people with some credits every so often. Still though, a nice article!

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nice article

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