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9.37 Design and Crafting


Patterns and Schematics: a New Day!
Patterns and schematics have disappeared, except for the standard, basic
patterns and schematics (usually "a plain grey" whatever) which remain to allow
you to COPY from in order to create sketches.

In their place is a new sort of thing called a design.

New Commands: NEWDESIGN
The main command is NEWDESIGN. Just entering that alone will give you a fairly
reasonable list of what can and cannot be done.

If you are a crafter, you have the following options (note: NDS and NEWDESIGN
may be used interchangeably):

   NDS BUY <design#> [YES]                - buy an unowned design.
   NDS DESTROY <design#>                  - destroy a design.
   NDS DISOWN <design#> [CONFIRM]         - give up ownership of a design.
   NDS EXTEND[LIFE] <design#> [YES]       - adds to life of ownership.
   NDS GIVE <design#> TO <who|ORG org|PUBLIC> - transfer design.
   NDS HIDEMARK <design#> YES|NO          - show or hide crafter's mark on new
items for 1000 gold.
   NDS LIST [V|J|T|C] [X [#]]             - public, org, and your designs.
   NDS LISTMINE [V|J|T|C] [X [#]]         - your designs.
   NDS LISTORG [V|J|T|C] [X [#]]          - organisation designs.
   NDS LISTPUBLIC [V|J|T|C] [X [#]]       - public designs.
   NDS MATCH APPEARANCE <match>           - your designs matching appearance.
   NDS MATCH DROPPED <match>              - your designs matching dropped.
   NDS MATCH EXAMINED <match>             - your designs matching examined.
   NDS MATCH FIRSTEATEN <match>           - your designs matching first eaten.
   NDS MATCH OWNER <name|org|NONE>        - designs of that owner.
   NDS MATCH SMELLTEXT <match>            - your designs matching smell text.
   NDS MATCH TASTETEXT <match>            - your designs matching taste text.
   NDS MATCH THIRDEATEN <match>           - your designs matching third eaten.
   NDS MATCH TYPE <word>                  - your designs matching a type.
   NDS PASSCODE <design#> <passcode#>     - passcode a design (0 to clear).
   NDS PRESERVE <design#> [CONFIRM]       - irrevocably preserve a design.
   NDS PRIVATE <design#> YES|NO           - marks design as private or not for
                                            1000 gold.
   NDS P[ROBE] <design#> [passcode]       - look at a design.
   NDS SHARE <design#> YES|NO             - allow share access to a design.
   NDS UNOWNED [V|J|T|C] <match>          - designs without owners.
 ('your designs' means you are the owner)

To look at your designs, both jewellery and tailoring: NEWDESIGN LIST, or
perhaps NEWDESIGN LIST V (for verbose - much more detail) - example:

   Design1   Designer: Blah   Owner: Halb
   This design can be shared. It has a passcode of 2311
   This is a tailoring design.
   Type: trousers  Comms: cloth 3
   Appearance (short_desc)
   brown suede trousers with green leaves
   Dropped (long_desc)
   Brown suede trousers have been dropped here.
   Examined (extended_desc)
   Soft dark brown suede trousers have small, green leather leaves
   appliqued along the soft waistband and around the bottom of the legs.
   Green leather piping trims the pocket tops and the outer leg seams. They
   mould smoothly to the contours of the wearer, yet provide for the great
   flexibility of movement required by an active life. The trouser legs
   flare at the bottom and brush the top of the feet.
   It has 95 months of usefulness left.

This has nearly the same format as doing a NEWDESIGN PROBE.

To look at your designs where the appearance includes the word "apron": try

To give a pattern to someone else (new owner, not new designer): try
NEWDESIGN GIVE <design#> TO <person>.

Ownership in your designs will slowly decay. When they run out of time, then
your ownership will terminate, and others may possibly be able to purchase
them. Before your ownership expires, you can:

- NEWDESIGN DESTROY <design#>    - to get rid of the design entirely. This is
                                   permanent and irreversible, or
- NEWDESIGN DISOWN <design#> YES - to clear your ownership. Then someone
                                   else might buy it, or
- NEWDESIGN EXTEND <design#>     - to extend your period of ownership. You
                                   will see the fee, but not be charged, at
                                   first. To complete the deal, and pay, use:

The extension will always extend by a fixed amount, up to a certain maximum.
If the standard extension would take the lifetime of your ownership beyond
the limit, then you will be unable to extend the life of your ownership for
now. Come back again later, when the life of your ownership will be lower, and
you'll be able to do it. You can continue to do this over and over again
forever. You just can't crank the total at any one time above a certain limit.

The fee is a function of, and somewhat less than, the original pattern or
schematic fee. The fee does not get smaller every time you extend the 
lifetime of your ownership. But you can continue to extend the lifetime of your
ownership forever. There is no arbitrary limit to how many times you may do

To see any designs that may exist that are not owned by anybody, use:
NEWDESIGN UNOWNED. If you wish to purchase an unowned design, use:

- NEWDESIGN BUY <design#>      - to see the cost to become the owner of
                                 this currently unowned design.
- NEWDESIGN BUY <design#> YES  - purchase the design and make yourself
                                 the owner of it.

The NEW way things work 
Almost all of the crafting system works now as it always did:
- purchase a pattern/schematic.
- purchase a blank sketch.
- copy the pattern/schematic onto a sketch. (DESIGN <sketch> COPY <pattern>).
- modify the sketch. (DESIGN <sketch> APPEARANCE ...; etc).
- submit the sketch for approval. (DESIGN <sketch> SUBMIT).
- when approved, get the final. (DESIGN REQUEST <pattern>).
- the resulting pattern/schematic is changed. See "The change" below.
- create a new article with SEW or CRAFT (see HELP DESIGN SHARING)

The change
The pattern (or schematic) you get is where things are different.
The pattern (or schematic) is not a thing you can pick up, drop, lose, etc.
Instead, it is a design item in the new design list.

To see your designs: NEWDESIGN LIST.

Each design item has a number which you can use to deal with it directly.
NEWDESIGN PROBE 2323  (detailed info on your design item 2323).
NEWDESIGN EXTEND 418  (extend your ownership on design item 418).

And so forth.