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The House of Occultists

The Occultists are a House of Chaos, of knowledge, of power, and of secrecy.
The Occultists are comprised of warriors, scholars, politicians, ritualists -
Achaeans from all walks of life. The House is known for its unique and
unyielding dedication to secrecy and for its members' unceasing study of the
mysteries of Chaos and forbidden knowledge. Unlike some scholars, content to
simply amass knowledge for knowledge's sake, the Occultists seek to use what
they have learned to shape and change the world around them. 

The result of over a thousand years of trials and evolution, the modern-day
Occultists were born of darkness and despair. The Occultists of bygone times
gathered in cabals, their small and localised groups spread across Sapience.
Unfortunately, this lack of centralisation left them vulnerable to opposition.
When the Templars and Priests attacked, the Occultists were forced to go into
hiding or face torture and death at the hands of those that would suppress
their ways. This period of persecution and violence is known as the Burning
Times, a time in which a wealth of information beyond price or comparison was
lost to the torches of the Luminai forces. 

In the years of confusion that followed, many lives and much knowledge were
lost. The most costly of all would be the knowledge of Occultism itself. Those
survivors that remained were once again gathered together and taken in by the
questionable hospitality of the Countess Belladona, responsible for teaching
the displaced cabal members the secrets of Necromancy in lieu of Occultism
alongside a poorly veiled motive of furthering her own experiments and power.
For centuries the uprooted Occultists studied and perfected the art, most not
knowing the full extent of their true history nor the great power lost to them.
It wasn't until the year 304AF that a Great Occultic Work ripped and tore its
way through the very fabric of time, at long last completed, its ultimate
purpose to re-enable the Occultists to discover their roots in true Occultism.
Basing themselves in Ashtan, the Occultists' House and the Bastion of the North
share great mutual benefit from a close relationship developed over many

Members of the Occultist class use the skills of Occultism (simply put, Chaos
magic), Tarot (cards inscribed with particular designs and infused with magical
power to yield certain effects when flung), and Domination (forming pacts with
the Chaos Lords and summoning of Chaos Entities). 

Those who wish to join the House are warned that commitment to our organisation
is a serious matter. Members of the House must swear an Oath of absolute
secrecy. This Oath, combined with a culture of intellectual and individual
freedom prevalent amongst Occultists, creates an environment unique and
unmatched elsewhere in Sapience.