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7.12.1 Clothing Warmth


Clothing (not armour!) can protect you from the cold, depending on precisely
how heavy it is. 

Checking Individual Articles of Clothing
Probe an article of clothing and you will get an indication of how well it will
protect you from the cold (in order from heaviest to lightest):

   It is nearly heavy enough to keep you warm if that were all you wore.
   It is heavy enough to do an excellent job of keeping you warm.
   It will protect you very well from the cold.
   It is heavy, and should do a good job of keeping you warm.
   It is substantial enough to cut the chill fairly well.
   It may not be heavy, but it's still pretty warm.
   It is on the light side, offering some protection from the cold.
   It won't protect you much from the cold.
   It's warmer than being naked, but not by much.
   This piece of clothing is for looks and style (but not for staying warm).
   This article of clothing will do nothing at all to protect you from cold