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19.10.18 Artefact Powers

There is always a juggle when it comes to wearing many artefacts at once,
especially as there's only so many body parts to wear them! The solution to
this is ARTEFACT POWERS, allowing people to transfer one or more artefact
powers onto other items. For example, instead of having to wear a ring of
endurance, a ring of flying, and a Mayan ring, you can now combine them all
onto one item, such as your crafted cloak or your favourite pair of boots!
Here's a list of commands to make use of this system:

- List the available powers for purchase, or look up the power names.
- Adding OWNED to the command will list all of the owned powers and what items
  they are placed on.
- Not all artefacts are available as powers, especially artefact powers that
  are a function of the item they are imbued upon.

- Show the details of an artefact power

ARTEFACT POWER BUY <power> FOR <item> [LEVEL <level>]
- Purchase an artefact power directly for an item.
- For multi-level powers, specify which level with the LEVEL <level> addition.
- Investing a power on a different item will have a 25cr fee.
- Can be placed on crafted tailoring/jewellery items, or items that already
  reset to you.
- In the event the tailoring/jewellery item is not already non-decay/resetting,
  the cost to make it non-decay and resetting will be added to the cost of the
  artefact power purchase (50cr for non-decay, and 50cr for resetting).

- To upgrade an existing artefact power to the next level (for multi-level
- You may specify to upgrade the item the power is assigned to if it is the
  only multi-level power on that item.

ARTEFACT POWER TRANSFER <power> FROM <item#1> TO <item#2>
- Transfer a power to a different item.
- Transferring a power to a different item will have a 25cr fee.
- When transferring a power off a regular purchasable artefact, the original
  item will be destroyed.
- The additional costs for non-decaying and resetting on the target item will
  also be applied if they are not present.

Invested artefact powers will be shown when you PROBE the item, and if the
original artefact was required to be worn, so will the power.

There is no change to the effects of the Orb of Suppression artefact/power, it
will continue to hide all purchasable artefact items, but will show regular
items that have artefact powers invested on them.